Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sock in progress-this one is for my niece. Pattern "Mirabella" by Mary Joy Gumagagay, which I found on, a great website with lots of free patterns-on every thinkable knitted subject! I altered the pattern a little, the recipient is 11 years old, a skinny little thing, so I cast on fewer stitches and made a pattern on the back of the leg as well.( And no, I did not move stitches every few rows to avoid the "ladders"....)Hopefully they will fit her.

We've had a rainy, cold day here, it was snowing in the morning. We haven't done much- there is always school, and the sheep. Lambing season will soon be done though, and hopefully we can let the sheep out in a couple of weeks.

Also on the needles- but making slow progress- it is so hard to watch "House" and "NYPD Blues" while knitting this pattern! It is the lace edging for my national costumes apron. Knitted on size 1,5mm, with crochetyarn...
Well, enough of that!
Have a nice day!

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