Monday, February 25, 2008

... a bit of knitting...

Hi again!

Winterholidays are over, the kids are back in school- for three weeks-and then it's Easter...

I'm back to quiet mornings all by myself, exept for Mr.Black, he always keep me company. He usually leaps into my lap and try his best to get me to put down my needles-LOL!

We woke up to a cold morning, with snow pretty far down the mountain. A time when a sweater like this would come in handy:-) Only I'm ripping it... It's a sweater I knitted 20-25 years ago, used it myself for some time, but then gave it to my sister. She didn't use it a lot either. So a few years ago I took it with me. I don't like to use it! It's too boxy, the sleeves are too wide, the shoulders are too wide, and it is too short. But the colour is great. The pattern too. All cables and seedstitch. My plan is to frog it, and knit something new out of it, a slimmer jacket I think. Preferably something with cables, because that is fun. Only have to find a pattern. You would think that was pretty easy- with all the hundreds of free patterns "out there"? It's not. I've been looking and looking and looking- no one stands out! I've never been into designing my own sweaters or patterns, so I still hope to find THE pattern.
Sweetheart! Found on Tora's blog. Cute and cuick. She has better photos on her blog. Why is it that red is so difficult to photograph? It comes out all blurry. There is a cute heartpattern to begin with- it is knitted top down, and I added hearts to the hemline(only remember if you do that that it will add five stitches per heart, so the hem will be more swirling.) Now I need to find some buttons! Yarn? Gjestal babyull, 100 % mernowool, 50g/175m, 28st=10cm, I used needles 2.5mm, the colour is 840, it's a semisolid, quite nice one. The pattern says 50-70 grams for a dress, I knitted in size 12 months and used 132 g.... Length approximately 42 cm.
Some time ago I knit EZ february sweater from Knitter'sAlmanac . Buttons, yes, I need those...have you seen Yarnhog's blog lately? She makes her own buttons out of polymer clay. Great idea. Now I'm off to feed the sheep. Before it starts raining again...
Have a great day:-)

Friday, February 22, 2008

...twice in one week...?

Hi, there!

Twice in a week? hehe, my only exuse is that the kids are still asleep(yes, it is past noon, yes, they are teenagers, yes, it is still winterholidays...), which means that I can get to the computer! The kids and I share one which is placed in our livingroom, and it is hard to get my hands on it- LOL!

Thought I'd show a picture of the blanket when it's done. It is a doilypattern that I found in a book or magazine, and it can be done with any pattern. It is 120 cm (nearly 50 in) across. Knitted in Alfa which is a wool/mohair blend. I like it, but still haven't decided wheter to keep it myself or use it as a gift. At one point, during my "no christmas stress"-time in december, I mde plans to knit one for each of my nieces and nephew... No Christmas stress... Oh, well, the plans are still there, and it IS a while till next, right? I seem to be on a babyknitwhim these days. I'm knitting on a babydress, which now is only stockinette on the skirtpart....mindless tv-knitting, but boring!

I found this cute pattern in an old magazine, jacket and cap with sheep, and since DD2 is off to
town, I asked her to buy the yarn for it. (She's going with a neighbour- I'm not sending her off alone!)

Living on the westcoast means that we have weather, lots of weather. Last night another storm hit, it rained buckets, and it was really windy.We lost the power in the middle of "Numbers" came back in time to nail the bad guy, but not in time to find out why he was the bad guy!LOL!
Today it hails... However this guy is still playing his accordion, overlooking our yard. My father-in-law used to make these with a chainsaw. He would also collect old farmtools-of iron- plows, hackets, knives, horseshoes, everything people threw out when they got tractors and more modern machinery. He would put it all together, welding it together into sculptures, thus taking care of an important part of history. All the tools can still be used, just get it off the sculpture. He was a trained blacksmith, but worked most of his life as a panelbeater/car repairman. 5 years ago he passed away. We still miss him.
Todays between the hailstorms...
Take care, and have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The boys are off to Harpefossen today for some skiing, they are having a weeks holiday- winterbreak. There is a busride scheduled from the community center tht will pick up kids/youth along the road- they could sign up for it in school. The weather is lousy-rain, rain, rain...
DD1 is visiting Grandma, and DD2 stays home with me. I've borrowed a sewingmachine from a friend of mine, and wanted to do some sewing,but I don't seem to be able to get around to it! Quite frankly it scares me. I've always had a passion for sewing, I used to make a lot of the childrens clothes, and most of mine(an advantage when your arms and legs are a bit longer than "normal"...and you don't want to go to the men's department all the time...) However- I lost the sewingmachine four years ago in a fire, and still haven't bought a new one, so I just stare at the one I've borrowed, wondering where to start! I have curtains that needs hemming, trousers that needs mending, pillows that should be finished...there's plenty! I also have fabrics just lying around waiting to be made into something ...and I have patterns and ideas- for coats, dresses, pnts, jackets, curtains, doll's clothes, kid's clothes, fun projects, have-to-do-projects....and I find myself just staring at the machine, and starting some new knitting project instead! Oh, well, I WILL get around to doing at least some of it. Eventually... In the meantime-
Sockamania in February- Simply Love. Yes, my choice of colour could definitely have been better...-LOL! These are made toe-up. Not a favourite. They are supposed to be made with a short row heel. Not a favourite. I ended ip knittin them toe-up, with a figure8 cast-on, an aftrthought heel, and partly with magic loop- my first attempt- still not a favourite, but it does have it's advantages! Especially since the second sock was knit partly on the ferry, and partly in the dentist's waiting room. Walking around with 4 DPN's in my bag- well, the bag looks like a magic loop it was. I signed up for
MissMarple knit-and readalong too... We are reading a few MissMarple mysteries, and knitting a scarf for an exchange. We got a name, and some colourpreferences. That's it. So off I went to browse through all me scarf patterns, most of them downloaded from the internet-there are lots of talented designers out there!- however, I did not find THE pattern, so I stopped by in Ålesund when DD2 was going to the dentists. We found a yarn store, and some pretty yarn- baby merino wool- and even a booklet with scarfpatterns. One was really pretty, so I bought yarn enough for it, and went homeand started knitting. And did not like the result. So I ripped, and tried making my own pattern. That didn't work either. I started my original pattern again- this time it went like a breeze, for like 30 cm's... Back to my books...finally picking one that I've made before, it was easy enough to knit in front of the tv, but challenging enough not to get bored. This is the pattern- but I won't post pictures yet. Trust me- it looks quite nice. I blocked it yesterday- it got BIG!!!
When the scarf was done, I needed something new, while waiting for March Sockamania socks! So I casted on for a babydress-Sweetheart, since I had some babywool that would make a darling dress for a cute little one. However- all my friends are "too old" to have babies, and "too young" to become grandmothers, so it will be done and put in a drawer until needed!
If I weren't this lazy, I would have posted a pic of our sky right this minute- there are signs of blue!!!Even signs of the sun!!! Maybe the kids will have a nice time skiing after all!
Maybe I should go feed the sheep? I need to move a couple of tractoreggs...(haybales...)and the
sheep will probably come running out of the gate once I open it to get the tractor inside....lots of fun, with sheep all over the road-LOL! Spælsauen are easier, they are inside the barn!
Enough for now. Have a great day:-)
(BTW: the sheep in my heading are spælsau(Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace) The ones on the sidebar are villsau, or wild sheep, or OldNorwegian )

Monday, February 11, 2008

new week, new possibilities...and lot better weather!

Not sunny today, but not raining either!
As I said earlier, January was spent knitting... these are not showing off well at all! Sorry:-(
I found the pattern he, and it is called Quilted Leaf Lace Socks. Knitted top down with an afterthought heel, and matching fingerless mitts. We gave it to a 15 yearold for her birthday, and she was happy to receive them.
She has two little sisters (they are 5 in all, girls 15 and 13, boy 9 and girls 6 and 4), I've knitted mittens for them, and had some leftover yarn to make a pair of slippers. When I was a kid, my grandmother made us some of these in granny squares. DS1 has knitted and felted a pair in school, DS2 and DD2 are knitting a pair each now. I felted these, one pair in pink and purple, the other in pink and orange... Pattern from Garnstudio, found here and here .They are a great beginner's project, and also great for knitting up all those odds and ends. Just notice that the original is not felted, so you'll have to adjust a bit for that. More knitting, mittens from Knitter'sAlmanac by ElizabethZimmerman. Quick knit and rather fun.
And then my felted bag. I made two as Christmasgifts, but wanted one for myself too. My very own creation...or so I thought until I stumbled back on this... Sophie from MagKnits . LOL! I only made the handles longer:-) Hubby's in Houston, Texas, at work, the kids will be back from school in 20 min., winterbreak- a whole week off!- is next week. And- the SUN is back!!! It'll be on the house in a few minutes. It's gone for 6-8 weeks over the winter, and the weather has been so awful lately that we haven't seen it anywhere! But today: It shines on the seahouse this minute, so it will soon be here too. And the weather is supposed to stay like this for several days!
It looks as if it will be a nice week:-)

Monday, February 04, 2008

You make my day...

I've got this award from several people:

Thank you all, it is much appreciated!

The rules are that I should forward this award to 10 people- it bounces right back on you, ladies!

You are all an inspiration to me, Lillefix is making sheepskinrugs, and I am dying to try- I've even bought this book ... K,C,S,S- had a great tutorial for a (w)heat bag (and you are new to me- it is always so nice to find someone new! Thanks!), Anne blogs about swimming and lovely knitting ad football-which is like greek to me, I know european football-okay,soccer then!-but american football is hard to figure out-LOL! Rani takes her kids for outdooradventures in a beautiful landscape, and the girl knits too! And Laura- she always makes me smile!

There are several blogs I'd like to give this award to...please don't feel obliged to pass it on, just know that you are appreciated!

Britt-Arnhild -the only one I've actually met in person. She is a pleasure to read!
craftmouse -always nice photos, and she lives in a place totally different from mine!
AppleandEve -the cutest little embroidered keepsakes!
Caroline -just because!
Moogsmum -need a laugh? And do you want to be envious of some nice handmade stuff? It's right there.
Kristy -always something cute on the needles...
Tracy -a joy to read
/Bea -so she knits. And sews. And crochet. And embroider...
Harpa -she's taking some amazing photographs! An just look at her felted hats!
Janice -ho har glimt i øyet! (hehe, how to translate that???)
I would like to add the rest of the list too- so if you've made it all the way down here, consider yourself awarded!
Lately I've been a lazy blogger, but I miss it, and will try to keep up better. Well, hubby's been home for a he's at work again and will be gone a month:-( Part of tat time he'll spend in Houston,Texas! The kids envy him the opportunities to travel, but most of the time is spent in an office or on some factory!
Thank you all for inspiring me. Next I need to add some knitting...January was spent mostly in bed with my knittingneedles...-LOL!
Have a great day:-)

concerts and tickets and online ordering and such stuff...

Have you ever heard of Metallica? Yes, I thought so... My DS1 has also heard of them. They are coming to Bergen in July...Bergen will be the only town they will visit in Scandinavia in 2008. It is also "only" 5 hours away... By the time the concert will be held, DS1 will be16, and he REALLY wanted to go together with a friend. So, we said it was okay. The tickets would be on sale online from Monday morning at 9am. This monday morning. And that is why I'm still at the computer...DS1 obviously had to go to school. And mom should order the tickets. No big deal, right? So, I clicked in on Ticketservice...and got a message..."we have large activity on this site, please wait for your turn..." 15 minutes went by..., 30..., 45...-and finally it was MY turn! Yess! two tickets ordered, now only to pay for it...and somehow the connection to the bank was unavailible, so no matter how many times I tried to convey the information, it bounced right back-" sorr, not availible". Finally the tickets were no longer on hold for me, and two seconds later it was sold out. 20000 tickets sold out in less than an hour...and I NEARLY had two!!!

I sent a textmessage to the darling son, telling him how it went. After a while I got this one back: "OK. Black Market next"

Not a very good day. Sorry.
(I also promised to get back to the "You make my day"award! Can someone please tell me how to get that logo/tag onto my blog??? I've started writing the entry, but felt so sorry for myself for not being able to get those tickets that I just had to stop! (See, I wrote "sorry for myself"- not sorry for that poor lad!!!))

Oh, well, things will cheer up. I hope....

Hopefully your day is better than mine-LOL!