Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...more lace...

Thanks for all your nice comments on my last post! That's what I really like about this whole internet/blogthing- all the connections, all the nice and creative people out there!

My daughter is a happy 13-yearold, and she came home from the footballgame on Saturday, and they had won. So on Wednesday they are off again- leaving right after school, and coming home late. She's not going though, we're going to Måløy to meet DS1 onboard the ship. They are sailing, from Stavanger to Ålesund, and all the way down again. He told me last night that he should be on engineduty from 2am to 4am...

It was also the night of the first "proper" storm we've had this fall, so I wonder if he's been seasick...?

They call this trip a recruitingsailing, and friends of Gann and other interested are invited onboard. 10th grade from school here are going Thursday to see the ship.

The Swallowtail Lace Shawl is done. It IS a quick knit, I used only three days. It's not quite as big as BeeFields, but it turned out bigger than I thought. Blocking might have a central part there...

Evelyn Clark's Swallowtail Lace Shawl
Yarn: pt2 from Raumagarn 100% wool, 50g/165m. Used nearly 3 balls.
Needles: 4mm. Or perhaps 5mm? Don't remember. It's been 3 days since I finished it!
I knit it as stated in the pattern. I saw some shawls over at Ravelry that had be n enlarged, but wasn't sure how much yarn I needed, so I decided to stick with the pattern.
I like this yarn a lot, but I think I like Lamullgarn better.

Lily of the valley-pattern.

This is probably the most accurate colour.
Weather outside is lousy, there is no chance of taking any pictures, so this one will have to do:-)
The moving wool tried to grab a few bites to eat, but then it started raining buckets again, so they disappeared into the woods. They stand still, head lowered, shoulders up, not very happy. Almost time to bring them inside.
I'm off for another cup of tea and some more knitting- there's a pair of socks on my needles...
Have a nice week:-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Done! ...again....

I know it's too long since I posted when even my sister tells me so...Hei, K!

Anyway- this one is done- again... Spesifics: BeeFields Shawl by AnneHanson
Yarn: Røros Lamullgarn
needles:Knit Picks 4mm
started: August 31st 2008
done: October 5th 2008 (but hubby was home all September, which meant very little knitting time...this is not exactly a tv-knit...)
Size: I knit the big size, and it's probably 2,30m across, and 1,15m from neck to tip...(it's blocking on a mattress that is 200cmx90cm)
Recipient:Britt-Arnhild. Enjoy:-) It's a fun knit, but a real "pain in the a**", especially the beeswarm section...I've knitted a lot of lace during the years, but mostly there are no pattern on the "wrong" side- not so here...
When this was done, I started a sweater for myself...for I keep looking at it, wondering if I should rip it or not...so while pondering over that, I knit a shopping bag (from
I live on a farm) Very roomy, and my 13-yearold refuses to talk to me when I use it-LOL!
I needed another quick knit once that was done, so here's the beginning of Swallowtail lace shawl. Actually a very quick knit, but it turns out rather small, compared to the BeeFields it's TINY! Oh, well, it'll be a nice scarf for someone, it probably get's tossed in my giftbasket. Someone said Christmas is coming up soon...hmmm, already???? TodayI got my third teenager- DD1 turns 13! She's beeen acting 13 for a couple of years... She requested pizza and creamcake;-) No party tonight, or this weekend, she's off on a footballmatch early tomorrow. She's a happy, bright girl. Happy Birthday:-)
(See the macraménecklaces? She made those herself. )
Hubby's back in Houston for the rest of the month. He says the flight is boring. I keep telling him to learn how to knit! He's not too eager. Funny. He was home most of September, and had fun playing with this little toy...also picking potatoes...this year's harvest! Not so much ,but then we didn't plant so many. They turned out big, and very tasty. I'll save some for Christmasdinner, I think.
The sheep were sent to the slaughterhouse last week, the rest are still walking in the fields. The weather has turned, it's autumn, beautiful colours, lots of rain, long dark evenings. We get a fire going in the fireplace and cuddle up inside.

"Picking potatoes" wasn't the only thing hubby did on his September stay-at-home...see down by the seahouse? Looks pretty good, right? We have finally gotten the area outside cleared and safe. Took this photo only an hour ago, we can't even see across the fjord today:-(

The kid- the only one left that is not a teenager- is coming home from school now. With a friend. Better get some food on the table!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm back:-)

Thanks for all your nice comments:-) I really appreciate it. Life has been busy lately, so there hasn't been much time for blogging, unfortunately. It's a lot easier to do when I'm home alone...like now, hubby left for Houston this morning, and the kids are in school. So it's just me and the cats.
Hubby's been home five weeks- he got an extra week becuse of Ike the hurricane. So he's been busy outside, we've got a new driveway down to the house, and we've done a lot around the seahouse.He's used the excavator, and also hired a man to help. Getting the stones in the right place isn't always easy.

But I've had a couple of hikes too- to look for the sheep. First nearly three weeks ago, the weather was gorgeous, and I had a great day. Found all the sheep too, but they were not ready to go home yet, so they ran off from me, and I didn't have the guts to go after them...I'm in awfully bad shape:-(
I took a few pictures though. Hubby bought a new camera, aKodakV1273, which I haven't learned how to use properly yet...and it's REALLY hard to find the pictures on my computer afterwards! It does help a bit when I remember to download them though...LOL! Hubby was unable to use, it has a touch-screen, and he can't see what's going on, so I got it;-)
It's a nice camera so far.

Enough of that! I was going to show you this set- I carried it along the day I went for the sheep, but it was too warm a day to wear it. So it only got out for display, I thought the background was quite nice. It's Crofter'sCowl by TheShetlandTrader. I made a matching hat. The yarn is SandnesGarn Alfa, a 85%wool,15% mohair blend, very soft, and a bit "sloppy". Colour 4323. I knitted it on 6mm needles, and it's very warm (yes, I have used it- last week when we went deerhunting. And no, I don't shoot, but I try to go anyway) More knitting- the lambjacket for the vet's little babygirl. There is a pair of
booties there too, pattern made by Laura, it's a great pattern and very easy. They don't show up very well, but they are really cute! I liked the sheep-pattern so much that I used it for a pair of socks....
This pattern from WoolyWorks, with a bit of my own ideas. I really like the edging on the cuff! They are knit mainly in Silja from Gjestal. The cuffs are done one at a time on 5 DPN's, the heel and foot done with magic loop. I always make a mess of it when using magic loop for colourwork!
Now over to something else...the wool:-) The kids, our sheepfarmer neighbour and I went looking for the sheep last Sunday. And found them. The kids did really well, and we got them all back home. So now we are hearing bells again. It feels good to get them back home. They weren't too eager to come, since the weather was so good, but now it's turning, and they are better off down here.
As I mentioned earlier, we went deerhunting last weekend...this is what met me when I crawled up a hill! 12 goats, very curious and friendly. They belong to a neighbour.
Hmmm, I still haven't figured out how to sort the pictures here- this one is taken when we gathered the sheep. The island in the middle is Selja, more info if you like. Behind is Stadhalvøya. This is the view from the deerhunting trip....a bit steep.... our farm is at the bottom, and we walked the sheep home over those mountains to the left of that little lake.
Oh, I've found a way to use that boat i wrote about earlier! We went to Drøbak this summer, the kids and I, and this boat was down near the harbour. Really cute! I think that will be a good way to use our boat which is beyond repair....We'll see next spring. It would be fun to have it next to the seahouse with some flowers and herbs.
We've done a lot with the kitchengarden too, planted raspberries and other berries, and picked the potatoes. Next week I'll get some asparagus from hubby's uncle, and plant. I'm trying to figure out more to plant now. Guess I'll just have to use the winter to plan more. Unfortunately I don't have green thumbs... I'd better stop here, there's more to share, but that will have to wait.
Have a nice day!