Tuesday, March 24, 2009

...waiting for photos...

This computer is sick. DD2's computer will not upload the pictures like I want to. She showed me how to do it: like this, and this , and this... I'll have to wait until she can do it;-)

I've been knitting! Started the Poppysocks, (Ravelrylink), Michaela had started on them, and I thought they looked fun. I'm using a blue variegated and a pink variegated, and the kids say I'm not allowed to use them unless they are hidden inside some boots;-D. I'm knitting both at the same time, magic loop, even bought some new needles, bamboo circular in 2.5 mm. I've tried fairisle two-at-a-time before, but got into such a tangle I almost had to cut the yarn. So I was not sure wheter I would be able to knit both. But so far: NO tangles! And it's a fun project! I'm done with the cuff, and half the leg, and only started it a couple of days ago.

I'm also trying to sew a little,made a tablecloth. It's not "lappeteknikk, det er lappverk" (It's not patchwork, it's patching...) But it was fun, and I made a drawstrinbag, perfect for sockknitting, of the leftovers... Pictures later, maybe...

I'm also knitting on my blue recycled sweater, the body is almost done, and I'm working on the sleeves. There are lots of cables! Maybe too many...

In Garnaflækja we're knitting Prinsateppid, and I think Berglind's version is lovely! Mine will have a bit of colour around the edges... I regret not knitting this as a triangular shawl...it would have been very easy to do so. But I'm not ripping now...

We woke up to SNOW this morning! The sun is out, and it's really cold. We were waiting for spring, so this was a bit unexpected.

The sheep are doing fine. We hope to move another 15-20 out during the weekend. We've been checking on them a couple of times a week, and they come running as soon as we start calling. I have lots of photos of them- if only this thing would upload!!!

Okay, time for another cup of tea, and then some outdoorwork, I guess.

Have a great day! I hope to be back soon with some pictures...

Monday, March 09, 2009

More sheep!

Did you see Britt-Arnhilds blog yesterday? She wrote a post about her trip to Selja a couple of years ago. Make sure you check out her links- she has told the story of Sancta Sunniva a lot better than I could!
I just had to share a few more photos of the sheep...we went back yesterday to check on the sheep, it was a lovely, sunny day, but it was really windy, and I did not like the boatride! DS2 is in charge of the boat, and he takes his responsibilities seriously. He also likes to feed the sheep...we gave them some grains and a salty stone(minerals) , this is inside the old boatshed that belongs to the monastery.
When we came out, all the sheep had gathered just next to Sunnivahelleren. I went to get the grains, and started calling. They lifted their heads, waited a little, and then came running down the steps in one long row! Several will eat out of our hands, Rusta ("rusty" due to her colour) on the picture above, is even more determined to get her share of the goodies!

We met a young man with a little boy and a dog, they had spoken to the sheep, and the little boy- he couldn't have been more than 3 or 4- was very curious about them. He was going to have sheep of his own. "But you already have a dog", the young man said. " We are going to have sheep", was the reply...

Just in case you wonder- there HAS been knitting going on!

Even a pair. And they got gauge! Which means that they are a tad on the tight side for me. I'll still use them though;-) I never get gauge when I knit socks, because I always use 2.5mm circulars, no matter what kind of sock yarn I use. These are knit with Frost from Gjestal, a much thinner yarn than my ususal Silja/Senja. Top down- magic loop, two-at-a-time. Pattern? March Sockamania, called Rollercoaster.I think the pattern works okay with the yarn too.
There are other projects on the needles too- a Hey,Teach sweater, using some yarn I had in my stash...that turned out to be not enough..so I've been to four different stores trying to find the right colour, and they only had the other colours in their shelves..Oh, well, I still have a couple more options before I give up and frog it.
I've also been sewing a little bit. I used to love sewing, but I don't have a machine that works these days, so I've borrowed one from a friend. I recycled two pairs of jeans- making an anclelenght skirt out of them. I cut them off right below the pockets, and used that for the hip part, then I made the skirt out of the legs. I took a photo, but uploading took so long that I just skipped it.
Also: I've got two awards! Coming soon...;-)
Have a nice week!

Monday, March 02, 2009

..the big move...

A bright, almost sunny, and calm, day. Time for the big move! I've told you about Selja (more in English here) on June 27th, 2007 (but couldn't figure out how to make a link to that post...)
We were asked if we had some sheep that could go at Selja, because there are no animals left there. There are still at least 5 people living at the island, they even have their own bishop! He is currently residing in Sarajevo, but visited in 1997 or1998 for the 1000-year anniversary.
Anyway, they had to give up farming a few years ago, because it didn't go along too well with the tourism...lots of manure around which they did not want to get into the boats. Then 10-15 years passed, and the island is "disappearing" in shrubs. So, as a part of a plan to restore the monastery and it's surroundings, those in charge wanted sheep again! The plan is to build up a flock of gammel norsk utegangersau. They will fit in nicely, they will be able to find most of their food growing on the island, and they stay there all year round. So, Thursday was the day for the big move.. We see Selja from our farm, but we can'tsee the monastery, that's on the other side of the island.
Off to an early start- walking each sheep down to the sea, where we had a good neighbour waiting with the boat. The kids were great in helping out. It's high water,and easy to lift the sheep onboard. I went along on that first boatride, it tok us about 45 minutes to get from the farm to the monastery. The weather was quite good, but with a bit of waves...

The sheep did very well, although a couple lied down and were taking up a lot of space.. We had 16 on that first trip. Getting them off the boat went like a dream, and I stayed with them just to see how they reacted, while the boat returned for 9 more shep, and two happy girls.

sitting on top of a bale of hay, and some grains which we use as "chocolate"- only to get them more manageble, they love the grains, and come running whenever they see the bucket or hear the sound, but don't get fed on it.

They all settled in nicely, and we went back home, because the weather turned , it gotrainy and a lot more windy. On Saturday we went back, the kids and I , this time also exploring the monastery itself. This is the view from Sunnivahelleren.
We found all the sheep going together near the monastery, and hopefully they will stay around here, at least until the touristseason stats in June... then we'll have to relocate them to other parts of the island. There is plenty of food, the grass is coming, and there is einer and røsslyng ,
tang og tare, everything very healthy and also neccesary for the sheep.

They seem pretty happy, don't they?

On their way just below

DS2 is sitting next to Sunnivakjelda, a small ,"hole of water" orholy water, it's said to have a healing effect, if you take three sips from your right hand. The kids love the place, and the school tries to take a trip out there every year. It's a big part of history- both local and for all of Norway, I think.

There will be many more trips to Selja during the year- this is only the start. In a couple of months I hope to have 15-20 lambs running around there...
Sooo, stay tuned;-)

...and have a great day:-)

( Sæl, Benný mín! Jú thetta er ég, thad var rétta Maritin;-) gaman ad sjá thig! Býd kærlega ad heilsa fjölskyldunni, og svo vona ég ad thú kemur aftur, bædi hingad á bloggin, og til Selje! Kvedja, Marit)