Friday, November 28, 2008

...yarngifts, PIF, knitting and weather...

Finally back to normal-LOL! Both computers are working again, and I've catched up on my blogreading-so now I'd better write something myself! I tried to write a blogpost yesterday, but spent more than an hour trying to upload the pictures, and then the kids came home from school, so it was put on ice...

Where to start? Maybe with these little beauties? I got mail the other day... from Judy. I signed up for PIF with her a short time ago, and got these stitchmarkers (guess I uploaded the wrong picture, but here you see the cute little "cat"markers), and bamboo needles, straight in 8mm- just perfect! Thank you, Judy:-) PIF, you ask? Pay it forward. Well, I guess it's been around in the blogiverse for quite some time, but I'll still pass it on, the rules are as follows: I will pay it forward, and make something for three persons that say in the comments that they want to participate. I have a year- 365 days- to do this. So please, if you'd like to take part, tell me in the comments.

Do you remember the blue sweater from Feb.25, 2008 (couldn't figure out how to get the link...)? I had knitted it for my sister 20 years ago, but it was too big, too short and never used. I liked the colour though. So I ripped it, washed the yarn, and let it ripen on the shelf....I've started this sweater with it. The idea was to have a round yoke, but that didn't work out, so that piece ended up as a peplum instead:-D .There's a lot of cables on it, celtic cables and beehive pattern, even some hearts. I need to work on this when I'm alone, and now it's been put away for some time, so I can get some Christmasknitting done.
I've been more lucky (exellent English...)
Tracy had a give-away on her blog some time ago, and I won two balls of Smart- here are the mittens I made from it! I used The Shetland Traders pattern for Crofter's cowl.
Here's a vest I made for our 4-yearold neighbour, a vest in Silja sockyarn from Gjestal (their webpage didn't work today...). Cables on both front and back. It needs blocking! DD2 wanted to knit a shawl "with holes in it and so on", but turned it over to me after a little while. She's working on another in limegreen, really easy, cast on 3 stitches, knit, turn, *slip 1st st.,m1, knit to end,turn* Do this on every round until you run out of yarn.

This one is knitted in Kitten Mohair, one ball, it's just big enough around the neck.

Did I tell you that I got some yarn quite some time ago?
Andrea had a give-away, and I was the lucky winner of this yarn, Katia Azteka, 3 balls/300gr/540m. I really like this colour. I'm thinking of knitting a top/vest of it- any suggestions? I'd like to try something top-down for a change. I've never done anything top-down, exept for a babysweater. Some of this was written yesterday, and some today, so it's very messy- sorry!

Oh well, you'll get the view...I was off looking for 4 sheep that had run off(not far- they were inside the fencing!), and the weather was good and we even had snow! I startled two deer- got a photo of one, but it's not a very good one, so I'm not uploading it.

We've been busy with the sheep too. Every year we slaughter a few of our sheep at home to make
pinnekjøtt and sausages , so I've been cutting and salting and stuffing ...the freezer is filled with good meat. It's nothing I have to do, but it's a tradition, and I think it's important to keep a few of the traditions.

We've had snow a couple of times, and the sheep are waiting for hay. I always feed extra during winter.
Yesterday I tried to make a little video- we have a small river next to our house, nad with the rain and wind we've had lately, it was growing big. And really noisy! We use to think that we live in a very quiet environment- and yes, we don't hear a lot of cars and citynoises- but it's loud enough!

To all those of you celebrating Thanksgiving: I hope you've had a great day:-) Now that's a holiday we could have imported!
Off to feed the sheep...
Just want to say GRATULERER MED DAGEN to my's her birthday today:-)
Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'm still more or less offline...thunder and lightning took our internetconnection nearly 3 weeks ago, we got it fixed, but it turned out both PC's had given up...both networkcards(is that the right term...?) had stopped working. They are now being repaired. I'm using DD1's laptop right now, but that's one she is supposed to use for schoolwork, so I don't like using it. Anyway, I hope to be back during the weekend! Or maybe next week...

The advantage of being offline is that it gives me more to time to actually knit...;-)

Have a great weekend!