Monday, April 23, 2007

End of weekend..

I went to pick up my son today, he had a great time- was dropped into the sea in a survivalsuit, and got picked up again. He won the 3 contests they had- and got a ceramic fish as proof.LOL. They had a fishingcontest- there were two participants, and he was the only one to get a he was pretty happy about that. But he hadn't slept he fell asleep in the car!

As for knitting- both socks are done, and I've nearly finished the fingerless gloves too. pictures later.
Have a nice week!


busyJ said...

Marit - Isn't it nice to finish a project. When will you be posting pics? Love to see the new socks and the fingerless gloves. I want to make some fingerless gloves for myself, but have not decided on a pattern.
Have a nice day.

marit said...

Judy-I'd post pictures any day- if only i could find my camera! I suspect darling12yearold has "borrowed" it, she talked about taking it to school...LOL