Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hey- I did it!!! Thanks, Judy, nice and easy-to-follow instructions!

We woke up to another snowy(!!!)day, and it is cold. Later we did get some sun.Haven't done much today, there is always the sheep to attend to, and then my youngest got a pianolesson. The organplayer in church teaches piano, so we signed her up, and she likes it,( me being the bragging mother-she is actually pretty good, too!LOL.)

I finished the first sock last night, the second has only the half the leg left to go. Will be done tomorrow My eldest is going on an overnight trip with the youths he's taken confirmationlessons with, they will stay on this little island where about ten people lives!The coastguard will come by to show them the mob-boat (man over board),(unless there is a emergency they need to attend to) and they might even be thrown into the sea - in survivalsuits, that is...He is thrilled at the thought! Mommy not so much...

Have a nice weekend with lots of sun and pretty knitting!

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busyJ said...

No problem, Marit. Whenever I figure out anything on the computer I am glad to pass it along. Usually I am the one that someone else is telling how to do something. LOL
Sorry about the snow your way. It was 78 F here and sunny. Lovely day. Would have knit on the deck if I hadn't had another meeting to go to with DH. Next Saturday is the last one.