Thursday, April 12, 2007

on the needles

there is always a first time:a first time for driving a car, a first time for meeting your boyfriends parents, a first time for love, a first time for grief and sorrow- and a first time for blogging. Which is what I will try to do right here- if I get my lettters all stacked up in the right direction, that is.

To all crafters out there: there is also a first time for a new craft. Sometimes you will remember exactly when and where you took up a brand new craft, but more often you might think that:"this I have done forever and always".

I will try to write a little about my knitting, about my farming, and about whatever spins around in my head.

The big question is: do we really need yet another blog about that- there seems to be a zillion out there already!!!

You know what? I'll go for it anyway!

Have a happy day.

1 comment:

Kristy said...

I am catching up on you (and reading from the begining) and I say yes, absolutely, we need another one. I am eager to read about your farming! (I have glanced baby lamb pictures already!)