Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Progress...and pictures!

Done! My 11yearold niece will get these. Colour? My sister's suggestion..
The pattern is "Mirabella" by Mary Joy Gumayagay, I found it on www.knittingpatterncentral.com - apologies for not making a direct link! I like the pattern, but it might be a little tight around the gusset. I made one chage- I put a pattern repeat on the back of the leg as well, instead of just stockinette or a 1x1 rib.

And I made her some fingerless gloves, there is a cable running all the way up the thumb-see it? Or cable- it is only two stiches that change place every fourth row...easy, but quite effective.

The ones in the blue variegated will be for my 9yearold niece- still my sister's pick of colours! The pattern for this one is "Rayne's sock" by http://www.miknits.blogspot.com , using the same yarn she used (SISU by SandnesGarn,Norway, colour Fantasy6200)- but I knit looser than she did, so mine will fit a 9yo just sticking with the pattern!

And then: There IS progress! I am now nearly halfdone...each patternrepeat takes less than 3 minutes to knit, so it should be done quickly...The yarn is Mölnlycke crochetyarn, size 10(30), knitted on 1.5mm...

In other news I'm a bit sad and mad today, as I lost a sheep giving birth, both her lambs died too.The womb just fell out(there is probably a better name for it, I just don't know, but wish that I had a better vocabulary in English...), anyway, these things happen- she pushed out the whole thing, the lambs got "caught" somehow and didn't survive, and she went into shock and died. The veterinarian might have been able to do something, perhaps a caesarian- but then again might not. So I'm sad because I lost it, and mad because I didn't get the vet in time.

It's been raining too, but with high temperaturs, so it's been a nice spring day.

Started reading a new book- "The Grave Tattoo" by Val McDermid. I love reading. And I love knitting. I could easily do with 6 more hours a day!!!
Have a nice day!

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busyJ said...

Marit - I am so sorry to hear about the lamb and mama.

Your knitting is divine!! The lace will be so lovely on your costume.

Love the socks and fingerless glove combo. Makes me want to make a pair for someone. LOL