Monday, June 23, 2008


What Animal Guide Would You Produce If You Could Cast A Patronus? (Harry Potter - Updated With Additional Results)
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


DS1 graduated from 10th grade tonight- he's off to school in the autumn- we've just participated in their graduation party. Great kids- they were dancing, singing and doing gymnastics, before getting their diplomas. It's hard to believe that he is almost a grown-up! One era has come to an end, another is soon to begin... Good luck! Love you!
(guess what? I forgot my camera...what kind of a lousy mother am I???)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


(picture taken in Ervik in May. Other links

here and here.)

Ruth tagged me for an alphabetgame....

A- allsidig
B- "bonde", bokorm
C- ..carpe diem..
D- dagdrømmer, doven
E- enkel
F- forsiktig
G- godlynt
H- hissig, hjemmearbeidende
I- innadvendt
J- jente
K- kort lunte
L- lesehest
M- mor
N- nesevis
O- okay
P- perfeksjonist...NOT!
Q- quer er ålreite dyr- men sauer er bedre:-)
R- rotete
S- strikkende og syende sørlending:-)
T- tedrikker
U- ullelsker
V- vrang og vrien
W- ?
X- ?
Y- yngre blir man ikke...
Z- zzznork...
Æ- ærlig
Ø- ødsel...
Å- åpen

I'm not going to translate this! But I'd like to tag Tantehilde, Caroline, and Judy. Play along if you like, but remember: No obligations:-)

In other news: the back of my green sweater is done. Now to cast on for the fronts...

And DS1, the nearly 16-year old, is a happy guy these days! He got tickets for Metallica in Bergen on July 16th, and he got accepted into the school he wanted! It will be very strange not having him at home next winter, but this is something he really wanted, so I really hope he likes it.
That's it for now. Take care, and have a nice day:-)

What kind of flower are you?

You Are a Violet
"You have a shy personality. You tend to hesitate before trying new things or meeting new people. But once people get to know you, you open up and show the world what you are really all about."

I am a

What Flower
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Ruth tagged me for another game- and while trying to come up with something clever for that, I stole this one....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

...another update...

OOOkay...let's try again....being the computergeek I am, I managed to delete a whole post....also, we still have some computerissues, which means that I sometimes have real trouble reading bloggerblogs!
The big problem about updating so seldom, is that there are too many things I want to share! But today the photos uploaded real easy, that's why you get a pictureheavy post:-) I've borrowed a sewing machine. I got a call a couple of weeks ago, one of the workers at church wondered if I could help her with a project (more on that later), so I found out I needed to try it again. I haven't sewn for 4 years! It used to be a passion. Now I look at the machine and wonder how I shall use it. I've been digging through my stash of fabrics(oh yes, I have that too!)- or rather, my pile of worn-out jeans! That resulted in this bag. I'm not very "ladylike"-jeans and a t-shirt or woolsweater is my "uniform" at most occasions-LOL!- so bags are not often used....usually I use a jacket with roomy pockets for my wallet and keys. BUT sometimes a bag comes in handy:-) This one is made of one pair of jeans, lined with some cotton fabric. There are a couple of pockets inside, even a zippered one...but I had forgotten how to sew a zipper in a passepoiled pocket, so it looks rather odd! But it's an okay bag, and it works fine with me. I even added a hook for my keys! I've been digging through the bottom of bags more times than I care to think of, searching for those lost keys!
Then I knitted a sweater, in PT2, bought here at Eid Miljø. I found the pattern in a book called "Strikk og tov", but it didn't turn out quite as it got a bit on the smaller I ripped out a row around the bustline, and knitted the body down from there, with more incresing to make it more A-shaped. It is still pretty closefitting...but warm and nice, and just the right thing for the colder weather we're having right now. I'm a "frostpinne"! (translation needed:-)) But I have casted on for a summersweater too- found the pattern in the Norwegain magazine "Familien" 9/2008, knitted in "FØN" from Gjestal Spinneri (I couldn't get the link to work, sorry!) The yarn is 70%bamboo/30%cotton, very soft, and VERY splitty! I made a top for my 11-year old a few months ago, and it holds up nicely to washing and all that stuff. I'm nearly done with the back.
And then the church! E., who called me, works mainly with the children/youth, both the children's choir and the confirmations. Some years ago (probably 7 or 8...time flies!) the choir staged the musical "Noahs Ark". We made customes- elephants, giraffes, lions, was fun, and the kids were doing great. Now, the 4-year olds were getting their books(each 4yearold is invited to church to get a book), and they wanted to emphasize on Noahs Ark. That meant a rainbow...and more animals...we got away with sewing ears that could be tied around the head of the kids. It looked great. And we made a rainbow...
Here's the choir- not as many as they should be, but still singing well! Some of them had dressed up as animals, you should be able to see a lion, a zebra and a monkey, at least.
Then over to something else- more fuzzyness! The rabbits are growing, and still very cute:-)
We've had summer here for more than a month! Warm, sunny, beautiful. Dry. Very dry. We walked the sheep a couple of weeks ago, so now they are grazing in the mountains for the next 3 or 4 months. The kids helped out walking them.
The chestnuttree is blooming...
Ad then the weather turned- it as so strange- we had sun, then all of a sudden the fog/haze came, and the sun disappeared! So, now it's pouring down. But we need it. As I said, it was dry.

I am quite sure that once I hit "publish" there are more things I want to write:-) I've been looking a bit a Ravelry- but haven't tried to figure it out yet. The computerissues...
Oh well, there will be time when winter comes...
But for now- Have a great summer:-) (I hope to be back soon...)