Sunday, April 15, 2007

A lovely Sunday is at end. Some neighbours phoned and asked if we would join them for a hike , so we packed some apples and oranges, and off we went. It was a sunny, warm day, 20 deegres Celsius, the first day we've had spring feeling. We walked up to a little lake nearby, and it was so peaceful. The kids stopped in every mudpuddle to look at the frogs and frogs eggs- always exiting! I don't care much for frogs...but I have seen a cute felted one somewhere on the net that I have considered knitting-lol.

As for knitting-I did frog(haha) the sock for my niece, it was way too big. Just started the pattern again, hopefully it get's better this time:-)

Have a nice week!

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busyJ said...

Marit - The bag is beautiful. How nice that your son made it for you. I have a son (30 yrs old) and a daughter (25 yrs old) and neither one of them will knit. My daughter likes for me to make things for her, though, LOL.
Have a nice week.
I enjoy talking to you.