Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Happy Holidays from a stormy westcoast...

Friday, December 21, 2007

an update...

So what do you do at 6 in the morning when your view is like this: and you can't/ shouldn't go back to bed because there will be some electricians in to install a lamp at some point during the morning? You catch up on blogging, of course!
At least I'll try...I have Molly the male kitten on my lap- he's pretty interested in the moving figures on the screen...!
Thanks a lot for all your comments, it is always nice to hear from you! I've been reading your blogs too, but don't often comment, which is a shame.
So, are you all ready for the holidays? I had decided to calm down this year and not stress at all with gifts and cleaning and that stuff...which I did...only that I somehow "forgot" that I needed to mail off a few packets, and the mail had a deadline which I missed by a couple of days...my sisters might not be getting any Christmasgifts this year, I'm starting a new tradition: NewYearspresents-lol! Instead of cleaning the house-which is much better done in spring- I read a couple of books...got the latest Harry Potter-book on the first of Dec., and suddenly realized I haven't even read #6! So -seeing that I had plenty of time (since I wasn't doing any Christmasstressful events), I started at book #1, and read through the whole pile...Then I got back to knitting...
This is a bag that will be felted and given to the daughter of a neighbour.

Her sister's bag looks like this...
But yesterday I spent a few hours at the hospital again- DS2 took off his cast, his arm has grown nicely, and he can finally be put to work again! You know, feed the sheep, or peel potatoes, or empty the dishwasher- no more exuses! Anyway, this time I went prepared, and knit a hat while waiting...also started a pair of fingerless mitts to go with it. (and yes, it is a present that needs to be done by Christmas Eve...)
Tomorrow we're off to pick the tree, we'll put it up on the 23rd, and probably take it down either Jan. 6th (Hellig Tre Kongers Dag- twelfth day or Epiphany ) or on the 13th (2o.dag Knut jager jula ut)

Why I'm up at this hour? Hubby's off to repair the car, he has a two hour drive to get to the garage, and his appointment is at 8am...he took with him DS2 and DD2, and they will drive up to see grandma too, maybe stay the night, maybe come back this evening.

I have some more knitting to do, and some cleaning, and would like to catch up on the laundry (the baskets were empty yesterday morning. Then hubby had the kids tidying up their rooms...) I'll just get myself another cup of tea, and enjoy the quietness. The kids had their last day of school yesterday, and will be off till the 3rd of January. Molly is warming my lap. It is DARK outside.

I'd like to wish you all Happy Holidays! Take care:-)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Having creative children is often a challenge; trying to find something that they can make, which gives a good result and is not too expensive. Or you can just let them be in charge of everything themselves...
My daughters, Vigdis age 12 and Åshild age 10, decided to make Christmaswreaths for the front door. They bought a few supplies at the florist's on Monday, and came back from school yesterday and headed for the forest. I asked them to bring moss and pinecones too, but they had no need for that(haha) so they only found some greens : spruce and pine. Then they transformed the kitchenfloor into a workarea...(there are spruceneedles everywhere...) They had great fun, and did a good job. And while waiting for their result, I'll show you the little afghan...It is knitted in Alfa,( 85%wool,15%mohair, 50g=60m, 13st=10cm on 7mm needles)colour 8715. I used a pattern I found in this book, Den store boken om julemat og julepynt. I've used 10- or maybe 12?- balls so far, I'm out of yarn...and there are 18 short rows left...you see the gap...so this requires a trip to a yarnstore shortly. I had planned to go today, but it is pouring down here, so guess I'd rather wait till tomorrow!
It was fun knitting lace on big needles! I've made lace doilies for years, but never with this kind of yarn, but after seiing brooklyntweed's blanket- and also this (scroll down to Oct.21st- she does have some other great projects too!), I decided to give it a try. DD1 had picked this yarn for a poncho, but she's a strange creature and told me the yarn was scratchy(???) so she didn't want anything out of it....
Size? It isn't blocked yet, but it stretched out to approximately 130 cm (or 50 in). There are around 100 rounds. The pattern said 86, but I did something different, because I thought it wasn't big enough. I might do it again, but with a different pattern.
And the welcome on our door? This is how it turned out!
I'll have another cup of tea in my little advent/knittingcorner, and then off to feed the sheep.
Have a great day:-)

Monday, December 03, 2007


Time to slow down, time for reflection, it is finally advent. My knittingspot has been transformed into a neat, tidy, quiet place, with the adventstar, candles, and a few angels. On Saturday I got a white azalea for the green pot too. And yesterday the vet and her son came over for a cup of tea in the morning, and we sat out here. I like these weeks before Christmas. I like to prepare the traditional food, I like to bake, I like to make presents and write Christmasletters, although I haven't been very good with the letters the last four years...What I DON'T like, is standing in line with lots of people, walking in crowds trying to find too expensive gifts to people that has too much already, listening to noisy "music" in every store...Britt-Arnhild is hosting an advent party over at her blog, I'd encourage you to go over and read her daily reflections- and the comments too (and the commenter's blogs...)- it's a great way to find the true spirit of Christmas. I am knitting, at least a little bit. The angels are felted, and turned out great. My kids saw them drying and said: That's one for each member of the family! (I had made six in different sizes) So I guess I'll have to make more if I want some to give away..
This green stuff is a blanket- or actually I've used a doily pattern and heavy yarn (Alfa), on 7mm needles, it is not very big, but will be perfect as a lapghan, I think. We'll see how it looks when it is blocked. I need to finish it pretty fast, because I only have one set of 7mm needles, and DD1 needs them, she's going to knit a teacozy as a gift before Christmas! (I'll help her a little, it is a pretty quick knit...)
The days are getting shorter, and it is dark when the kids are off to school in the morning. We saw a tiny slice of the moon this morning. It is freezing cold, and they went off literally in T-shirts and sweatshirts...DD1 didn't even need her hat...they might be true Norwegians (ref. my last post...-LOL)
I'm off to feed the sheep. Have a nice week.