Saturday, February 28, 2009


DD1:You're not going to wear that, are you??? Not in public? I mean, people might see you!
Me: of course I'll use it. I need a hat like that.
DD1: but it's ugly! What might people think??? You're nuts!
Me: Sure I'm nuts. I'm your mum.
(pattern loosely based on owls, and a hat I don't remeber where I found...)
...a couple of days later....
DD1: hey, mum?
Me: mmm?
DD1: It is actually kind of cute...;-D

Have a terrific weekend!
(photos taken at
Selja, on Thursday. More on that later- in the not so distant future- I hope...)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a little update!

Thanks a lot for all your comments and good luck- wishes on my last post!!! Miss TM is doing very well indeed, and so are her siblings and parents. It was a nasty scare, but she has recovered nicely. Thank God for guardian angels!

My kids are all well, and on winterleave/half term? this week, which means sleeping till noon, and playing with the computers till dawn-LOL! DS1 came home from school on Saturday, and ordered.... pancakes!... for dinner. No beef or pizza, just pancakes with blueberryjam.

The computer is getting better, but I'm having problems uploading pictures from the Kodak camera to the blog. Maybe I have to start reading the manual...?? Right now I'm having trouble uploading any pictures at all....

The boys are out fishing, the girls have friends over, I'm knitting (now that's a surprise...)There are even some things finished!

Have a great day:-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guardian angel...

We got a bit of a scare yesterday. The schoolbus is normally here around 2:20pm, but it was running late. None of my kids were at school- they are all in bed with fever, coughs, and vomiting. Great fun, believe me...
Anyway, DD2 got a call from one of her friends. She told her about an accident- a 7-yearold who got off the bus, and got hit by a car when crossing the road. My heart sank, knowing that this little girl was my goddaughter, the daughter of some of our best friends. I found my binoculars and went to the window. I can see across the fjord to where the accident happened. My goddaughter-TM- is in first grade. She'll turn 7 in a month. She is very cute, and very bright (I'm not biased here...). Her mother-M- is one of my best friends. She is also working at the ambulance, and she was on duty... I watched the ambulance with the lights on, then came the helicopter. I sent M an SMS, just to tell her that I was thinking of them and praying that everything would work out fine. A little later, I spoke to TM's father, and he told me that they were transferred to the hospital. Not the nearest hospital- oh no- the hospital that has a children's ward, and is 3 hours from us...She didn't seem to be seriously hurt though.

Later that night I got an SMS from M- "She's doing fine- it is apparently only a concussion, but we are waiting for more scans. She must have had a guardian angel!"
This morning the message was: "We're coming home today, only a concussion, no broken bones or other injuries that they could see now. She slept like a log, and was happy at breakfast because she got Nugatti(Chocolatestuff) on her bread;-)"

She is home, and she is doing fine. She must have had a guardian angel!

Soooo- I made her a bag, of a pair of old jeans, a piece of cottonfabric, a piece of linen, and some odds and ends of fabrics... A little angel, her glory being slightly off, half broken perhaps, but she has a happy face nevertheless. A bag in her hand, and flowery wings. And of course a pink dress. Pink is important at the age of 7 (almost 7...)

I hope to see her tomorrow...just to give her mom a hug, and sigh with relief.
Take care:-)

Monday, February 09, 2009


I'm not completely gone...

We've got the computer back, and I've spent some time trying to catch up on blogreading! It feels good to be back, but it has taken me some time to get back to writing. Right now I'm watching the sheep in the snow- they've got plenty of food, and they all have a heavy wool coat, so they are doing fine. Maybe I should bring the camera outside later?

The photo of the seahouse was taken a few days ago, but it looks almost the same today- a little brighter, and a little more snow today. We've got the sun back too(the hills behind our house makes the sun disappear for at least 6 to 8 weeks, I'm not quite sure how long, since we usually have lots of rain at this time of year! But it's finally back, and with it the need to wash the windows...) I did a lot of Christmasknitting, but think I have forgotten to take photo's... Then came January, and I finally figured out what I wanted to do with the yarn I got in

Andrea's giveaway, a loooong time ago! I got three balls of Katia Azteca yarn, a 50%wool/50%acrylic really soft yarn. It is now a vest. I started it at the shoulders, and knit the fronts down to the armholes, then I picked up from the shoulders, and cast on for the neck, and knit the back topdown to the same lengt as the front, joined and finished in the round. First adult project done top down, and I like the outcome. I did a k3,p1 ribbing for the body. It curls a bit, but not bad. And it's warm, and I like the colours:-) Oh, and I knit the ribbing around neck and armholes before finishing the body... A quick knit, on 5mm needles, and I like it. Thanks again for the yarn, Andrea!

I've been way behind on my Sockamania socks the last few when January's challenge came along, it suited me well;-D "finish any pair you may have lying around, or a pattern you haven't knitted yet..." Sooo, DD2 got a pair of pink Elegance, DS2 a pair of grey Twisted ribs, and I got a pair of blue Celtic Cable Heel socks. Sorry about the blurry photo...
Yarn for all three pairs: Silja from Gjestal, actually one was called Senja, but it was a 80%wool/20%nylon yarn, which I like very well. It is durable, I've had socks for several years that still hasn't worn out (and I use these socks every day!) I'm certain there are sockyarns out there that are both softer and with better stitchdefinition, but Silja is perfect for me. It doesn't hurt that I get it at a reasonable price either...
DD2 is in bed with a fever, DD1 and DS2 are at school, Hubby is at work, and the sailing son is back in Stavanger after being to Trondheim last week with the
I'd better feed the sheep...
Have a great week!