Friday, April 13, 2007

Finally Friday! The kids have been out playing most of the day, since the weather has been really beautiful. They've had friens over, or been off to visit friends. My eldest played golf...he's nearly 15, and got a golfset last year. We have a golfcourse not far from us, only 9 holes, but's a nice one, and not one of those fancy ones!

Most of the day I've been following the news. A tug boat/anchorhandling vessel named Bourbon Dolphin, capsized west of the Shetland Islands last afternoon, with 15 crewmembers onboard. They have found 7 alive, 3 are confirmed dead, and the last five are still missing. The boat was anchorhandling an oilrig(Transocean Rather) when it capsized. The boat belongs to a company situated only a few miles north of us, and while we still don't know who was on the boat, a tragedy like this affects the whole community. Most people here on the coast are coonnected to the sea in some way, there are many working in the oilbusiness, we have fishermen on both smaller and larger boats, there are tug boats, supply boats, whatever. And yes, we know that sometimes a boat sinks, we have lots of bad weather that is a threat, but losing 8 in just a blink? That really hurts, even though there might not be anyone we know personally. I did learn however that one of the crewmembers that got out alive, came from this community. I know who his parents are. I feel relieved that he made it, but guilty because I feel relieved, because there are so many that didn't make it. Funny feeling.

In knitting news, I finished the socks and fingerless mittens I made for my daughter- I'll post pictures later. I was hoping to be able to make a list on the sidebar with photographs and some writing on finished objects. I haven't figured out how it's done yet,though! I also bought some more yarn- I haven't got any left! Next on my needles will be a lace for the apron of my national costume- which should be done by May 5th, when our eldest is being confirmated( that is obviously not the correct word!), but we are having a party in his honour, it is quite a big event in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia.

Take care, and have a lovely weekend, with lots of knittingfun!!!

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