Thursday, August 28, 2008

...ready to leave...

Tusenfryd... and SkyCoaster...ready for take -off... A great bunch of people- the kids at Tusenfryd together with hubby's cousin. I went to
Stoff og Stil in Drammen instead... DS1 is ready to leave. Hubby will drive him to
Stavanger this weekend, so we are busy packing him up, and getting him ready for Gann. It will be strange to see him leave. He's always been around! But he is ready to go, and eager to go, and very motivated for school, so I think he will be fine. He will stay onboard the ship, it's like a boarding school (which makes it easier for me to let him go! I know he will get proper food, and there are people to check on them, and he'll get help with his homework. ) 105 pupils this year...he'll have a great time!
I'll be back with knitting shortly...
Have a great day:-)