Saturday, June 02, 2007


So there are no pictures today...DD1 ran off with both the camera and my cellphone this morning- they were going to show their play at a place nearly two hours from here, they left at 8:30 am, and came back at 11:30pm....45 kids,(12 and 13 years old),3 teachers, several parents, a whole bus filled with theatre equipment such as lights, music instruments, a fake car of considerable size (1m wide, 2m long...) ,a goat, clothing,,,everything they needed to pull off a twohour play. It went well, and they were happy with it.

Hubby is off to Oslo. DD2 is crocheting a pillow, she makes one row of single crochet and one row of double crochet, and it looks pretty neat.

DS1 went fishing from the seahouse quay, but didn't get any.

I've finished the tablerunner, it is now blocking! It's a long time since I've blocked anything, I've chosen the easy way out and simply steamironed whatever item I had.

Bought some yarn today, cotton, found a cute pattern for a sweater in the magazine "Familien" and wanted to try it.

I am also knitting little things, like babyhats and cute booties-links and pictures later- and I cast on for the "prisoner of Azkaban" socks by Audrey , in solid grey, since the recipient is not a reader. I read Harry Potter, but I dread that last book. And I dread the fact that I will have heard what happens to him before I even get a chance to read the book myself! I will have to NOT look at any " Harry Potter"related pages or blogs or news before the book is translated into Norwegian and on my table-LOL. There will be no reading it in English- it is difficult enough in Norwegian,hehe.

What else have I done? Not much- I didn't even cook dinner tonight, we just grabbed some pizza from the freezer, and the kids couldn't have been happier!

Have a lovely weekend!

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busyJ said...

Your Mr. Black looks like my Coley. My Cole has a white patch under his chin and on this lower belly, but he is long haired just as your cat is. Cole loves to be combed. His hair is so long a brush just won't do it. When he sees me pick up "his" comb he immediately gets up on the bed and starts to purr. Not spoiled at all, LOL.

Have a great weekend.