Saturday, June 16, 2007

Still here!

Some of my projects...The booties in blue/white (babywool) and green/white(cotton) are SaartjesBootees , the red socks are mini Maydays, the red hat is from Gros blog, and the striped babyhat is the mysteryknit of Garnaflækja, an Icelandic knittinggroup. It was a free pattern from Knittys- winter -06, I think, but I'm not quite sure, sorry. It was made for a man! Ididn't like the way it turned out, with the yarn I had chosen, so I did it again in babywool. Much better! It might even be too small-lol. Thought I'd show you another picture of our sheep, prior to the shearing...

This weekend has been rather busy. We have guests staying at the beachhouse, there is a big football(soccer...)tournament going on in the village, 1200 players between the age of 6 and 16. Lots of fun, lots of work, and lots of people. There are fotballteams sleeping at the schools, the kindergarten, private homes, the hotel-everywhere. Our community isn't that big- we are less than 3000 souls in all, so getting another 1500-2000 (with parents/leaders/siblings)...well, there are a LOT of people around! Thankfully the weather is behaving, at least so far, it has been sunny, but windy.
DD1 left for a sleepover,and brought the camera. Yesterday I made a few stitchmarkers, but there are no pictures- oh well, they will have to wait.
Have a lovely Sunday! Fathers Day in the US, right? Happy Fathers Day!


Holly said...

I love the sheep.

And thank you for the reminder about Father's Day.

In my whining I had completely forgotten. Poor guy, he even has to do the driving!


Rebecca said...

Your mystery projects came out really fun! I have my booties sewn up but I have to dig through my button stash to find four matching buttons.