Sunday, June 17, 2007

Keeping busy...

Today we've been busy. Extremely busy. Busy with being lazy....The weather was exellent, so we've been sitting in the sun for most of the day, knitting, talking and just being.

It's been great. A couple of days ago I made these stitchmarkers, and they work. At least one of them... I've seen so many pretty markers on different blogs, and just wanted to try to make my own. It was fiddly work. There is probably a way of doing things easier- I just haven't figured out how yet. DD2 made a bracelet at the same time. She has always liked beading, while I never did much of it. But I might be on the lookout for more beads and stuff, it was actually quite fun making these.

I'm also knitting. There are some fishing going on...(and the link did not work...) There is also a sweater/jacket in cotton that I'd like to knit while it is still summer! You can see it here. I'm not knitting it in red, though, I'm using different shades of brown/golden.
Finally- we have a couple of "uteliggere" in our garden tonight...DD1 and DD2 decided they would sleep in the garden. Yes, I do realize it is a schoolday tomorrow. And yes, I do realize it is way past midnight.Right now they seem to be fast asleep, all snuggled up in their sleeping bags. I AM a bad mom...

Have a nice week!

ps. Iceland celebrated their Independence Day this Sunday, June 17th! Hope you all had a great time!


Tracy said...

Love your stitch markers--beautiful beads...Very pretty bracelet too. I love beads & beading, but haven't done much of that lately, I ought to! Happy Days! :o)

Rani said...

Lovely! Letting your children sleep in the garden . . . what can be nicer - We have too many mosquitoes (sigh).

Spent Icelandic independence with my Icelandic relatives up in Northern Minnesota (looks like Finland). Enjoy your sunny sunny days!

Anonymous said...

Overnatting ute... då er det sommer då!! :D
Så masse fint du har laga, likte maskemarkørane dine veldig godt. Ha ei fortsatt fin veke!