Sunday, June 10, 2007


Can you see it's windy? We've had lovely weather for several days now, warm and sunny, and the kids have been swimming in the sea for the last couple of weeks. Friday we woke up to another sunny day, but it was so windy! Nearly as bad as in one of those winterstorms that we get! So DS2 had to bring a warm jacket to school, as he was going out in the school's rowboat with his class, and I figured he would be needing it. Around noon I went shopping. Came out of the car outside the store, wearing trousers, socks and a jacket.....and nearly fainted! The heat! And no wind at all! Turned out we were the only ones to have that particular has happened before, but it is annoying. So Saturday too has been a rather cold day around here-but not in the community center... Mcmpuer'sacn srng ta, te is weeeee------------ey- I was going to say that my computer is acting strange tonight, I've changed batteries on the keyboard, hopefully that will help!

The rhododendrons are in full bloom now, we have planted many along the road down to the seahouse, and they look lovely.
two cuties:DD2 and Tussi the kitten(3.5 weeks old) And -hey- he's sitting in MY shoe!!!

There HAS been knitting too....more fish, a mysteryproject which is really cute, June socks from the Sockamania sockalong, a jacket, a sweater....more later. I'd better get to bed- it is 3 am, and daylight! Summer in the north...
Have a great week!


busyJ said...

I wondered when you slept, you do so much knitting and everything else. Guess this posts answers that, not much LOL. 3 am and you are still going strong at it.
Love the kitten in the shoe.
Have a nice weekend.


Kristy said...

You take such lovely pictures. What a pleasant to have such ready-made photographic material.