Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I had a title- but it disappeared...

Look at the fog this morning- it came rolling down over the mountain, some days it will fill the fjord, some days it will just tease us. Like today. It quickly went away, and we got another sunny day.
DD2 celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday- her birthday is onJuly 24th, but that is in the middle of summervacation, so she said that THIS year she was going to have it before school ended! 10 girls, all the girls in her class, came, and they had some nice hours together. She wanted to serve tacos and hotdogs, and creamcake, icecream and chocolatecake for dessert. One of her friends stayed the night, and they made a "tent" in the garden and slept outside. The boys did too, and were furious because the girls still kept talking at 2:00am.... They slept in late, and got breakfast in bed:-) And the boys? They went to school. DS1 fell asleep in the tent after school and slept for an hour... Only tomorrow to go, then there is summerholiday!
Mr.Black is taking a long, hard look at Tussi the kitten....and he is flat on his back-not knowing whether to start playing or to act very, very humble!
And then there is some knitting... DD2 requeste some anklets, these are made using the RiverValley pattern from the Sockamania club. I've knitted them toe-up, with a shortrow heel- but not any wraps, I just don't get them, I don't know why. I used the figure8 caston, and a shortrow heel where I knitted together the last two stitches on every row until I had 9 left, then I picked up one stitch from the edge at the end of each row until I was back on my initial number of stitches. It looks good,and was easy to do.
I have also completed both arms on my jacket, there are 12 rows of pattern on the bottom, then it's just plain,boring garterstitch....but thankfully only 3/4 lenght arms! Now I should cast on for the body...300+ stitches to begin with, pattern most of the way, and colours changing every fourth row!
There might not be much blogging done the next days/ weeks- hubby is returning to base for four weeks( never know with that guy...) and we HAVE to do the sileagebaling and haymaking:-(
Have a lovely summer!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you what I was reading in the paper today!I just learned today that on this very day, June 20th, in the year 1867, Alaska was sold from Russia to the US for 7.2 million dollars. Would they have done it today? And also- what is the name of the mountain: Denali or Mt.McKinley?( TheYarnHarlot has been to Alaska, it has been so much fun reading about her adventures)


Holly said...

The name of the mountain is Denali. It was changed back a number of years ago, but many people still use the "settler's name."

There are a number of locations in the US (and probably also Canada) that had perfectly good First Nation names, but the westerners came in and labeled everything new for their own reasons.

Perhaps there have been some of the same between Norway/Sweden/Finland and the Saami?

Mary said...

DD will be turning 11 on July 27 - that is a great idea to have the party early. We will be having hers in a few weeks and I dread it, so exhausting for me, and many of the kids are out of town. The socks and mitts look so nice, very inspiring!

busyJ said...

Is Mr. Black Tussi's daddy?
Nice idea having your dughters BD party before school lets out. My BD is Aug 17 so we were always still out of school and no parties. Bummer.
Lovely scenery as always. Really makes me want to go see Norway.
Have a great day & rest of week.
Oh, BTW, I tried the link lesson and I got it. Only you hit control not shift on my 'puter.


Janice said...

My DD's birthday is also in July. We sometimes celebrated her 1/2 birthday in January so she could celebrate while school was in session. I have a summer birthday as well and hated not being able to bring treats to school during the year. Funny the things that we remember...

Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to ask, did you get tiny "holes" in your short-row heels? I have tried several different methods, and always get little holes. I love the short-row heel, but because of the holes, I don't use it. Maybe you could give me some helpful suggestions? I'm always open to other ideas.

Anni said...

Isn't Norway beautiful? I'm almost feeling homesick, alhtough I don't know why as the Oslo area isn't anywhere near as pretty as where you live. Great socks too.