Sunday, June 03, 2007

Definitely summer!

Done! It turned out pretty nice, I think, and is now on our sofa table. I'm not too happy about the corners, though...

I've added 8 stitches to the border, the yo-rows that runs along the edge.

Then my nephew is 17 on Thursday, he will get a pair of " prizoner of Azkaban" socks, pattern made by Audrey . Nice pattern to follow. The yarn is Silja, it calls for needlesize 3-3.5mm, but I have always knitted it on 2.5mm. Since this was going to be for some rather big feet, I decided to use 3mm needles, and it worked out fine, I think they will fit. I added ribbing on the foot. We've had a lovely, lazy day, the kids went swimming, DS2 went for a hike together with a friend and his parents, weather was beautiful, we're all sunburnt...DS2 took the camera, he took lots of pictures, and I was going to show you one of the lake which is only a 30 min. walk away from us....instead I uploaded this:
It is a name. It is the way they've marked the paths. He took several pictures of this particular sign. And I am unable to figure out how to delete it from my blog!

Have a great week:-)


Rebecca said...

The socks and the runner both are very nice. I don't think there is anything wrong with the corners on the runner, it looks fine!

Sonja said...

The runner is very nice. Good idea to use shawl patterns for runners.