Wednesday, June 06, 2007

new projects...

At Whitsun, we took a drive on this peninsula we live on. It is in the western part of Norway, and it is always mentioned in our weatherforecast! There is a lot of weather around here...The sea at the tip of the peninsula is a dreaded place, boats often have to wait for better weather either on the south or on the north before being able to sail past this piece of sea. It is called Stad.
There are so many small houses- outhouses or barns- that are made of stones in this area. Timber has always been hard to get, but there were plenty of stones, so they would use that. Some farmers are still using their small houses, and many are rebuilding them in order to take proper care of them.
What was not used for houses,was used for fencing. There are literally miles of stonefences here. Some of them are built like terraces to get better fields(and to get rid of the stones...) and some are used as fences. The animals we have now tend to climb the fences though.

I cast on for another project... although I have to kals coming up soon (both the June Sockamania, and the Icelandic Samprjón, which is a mysteryknit!) The Tesselating Fish from Knitters. I saw these first on Bea's blog, and she has more info about the fish than I have. They're cute! I will make them in wool, and two fish- like the ones shown- will be about 20x20 cm. Sooo-I'm gonna need some-LOL! But this is a "nice to have" project, to go to when everything else is either done or dull. There are something more on the needles too- the second sock, a sweater, and I just cast on for a exuse for knitting? "It is too hot to be in the sun and actually do something"...or maybe this:"it is important to really enjoy these beautiful days-soon it will be raining!"

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hehe... FISK!! Oj,oj, oj.. gleder meg virkelig til å sjå fleire fiskar.. ;) Lykke til!

Stadlandet er ein nydeleg plass. Eg vart òg skikkeleg fasinert over steinhusa/gardane og ikkje minst dei mange båthusa som var trykt saman i små viker for å gjere plass til flest muleg i påvente av å kunne krysse "Stadt'en" når vinden løya.. :)

(Forresten, foretrekker du kommentarane på engelsk, kanskje?)

Tracy said...

I've not been to the western part of Norway yet--must do, for it looks beautiful there! Fun fish! Happy Days! :o)

marit said...

hei,Bea- norsk er helt greit!
Ja,steinhusa her er flotte, har ikke sett dem andre steder(jeg er jo egentlig sørlending,da...15 min fra Dyreparken...og der har vi ikke steinhus, selv om det er masse stein)

Tracy-the westcoast is pretty impressive. I've lived on this place for nine years, but on the westcoast since 1986...