Wednesday, May 02, 2007

an update

Today's been really busy- we've been putting up a fence for the sheep, and also made a gate before letting the sheep out- and no,I didn't take any pictures...I'll have to do that later. The lambs are calling for their moms, they've never been out before, and it is dark and cold and "where is mommy???Bææææh" (These are the other kind of sheep we have- kept inside the whole winter, let out in the spring)

The celebration is coming up this weekend, I think I'm on schedule...Need to bake some more.

The lace is finished, only need to attach it to the apron, and sew some buttonholes on my shirt...

Have a nice day!!!


busyJ said...

Marit - Be sure to have someone take a picture of you in your national costume. I really want to see it. Good luck this weekend (if you need luck,LOL) and enjoy the time.


Andrea said...

Marit, Thank you for the lovely message you left about my design. I think it is too cool that you live on a sheep farm. Good luck this weekend. =)

marit said...

Thanks to you both! I'll post pictures afterwards- right now there just isn't time!LOL

Caroline said...

Marit, It will be fun to see your national costume, and
I want to know what you're baking too!