Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We've had a lovely weekend, it was whitsun, so the kids were off school monday. On Sunday we went for a drive-this is the fjord which ends at our place, the island left of the middle is where the monastery ruins are, it is such a serene, lovely place. We didn't go there today, but we have plans for later.
Today (Monday) we did a whole different thing-we gathered the sheep and walked them to their summer pastures in the mountains. DS1, DS2 and the good neighbour helped out, the girls also came by the first lap of the way. This year we walked fast...usually it takes us two hours to walk from sealevel to where we let them go, at around 450m. It is steep and heavy to walk. But we did it in one hour...DS2 and I dragging ourselves up by pure willpower, while DS1 and TGN were running...And the sheep? All happy to get up there, knowing exactly where to go! We got them through the gate on top, and they never even paused, they just went off. See you all back in September! And yes- there ARE sheep in there, maybe if you click on those two pictures in the middle, you might see a couple of woollen 4-legged creatures...!

There is a great view from the top, again you can see the island with the monastery ruins,it is the dark island in the middle.

We had a great day.

wishing you a happy week!


Caroline said...

What a breath-taking view!

I had fun reading your blog about the Canadian relatives. We've had similar experiences with our Danish relatives. We've had third and fourth cousins come to visit, and our exact relationship can be pretty blurry. It's just fun to find each other. My brother has lived in Denmark several different times and travels there with his family. Our extended relatives, my grandmother's siblings' children, are always so excited to show him off, so I guess it works both ways.

busyJ said...

The view is simply breath-taking!!

Such a trip up the mountain to put the sheep to summer pasture!
I found the little sheepies in the picture. They are cute. You just need to learn to spin their wool. LOL. Think of all the lovely things you could knit!
Have a great day.


Andrea said...

I definitely have to agree with Judy. The view is breath-taking. I envy you. You must, learn how to spin.

marit said...

Thanks, all of you!
Guess what I found in my drawer the other night??? A spindle! Gift from my sister. And there is plenty of wool in the barn...LOL

Britt-Arnhild said...

Found you through Tracy's blog. Seems like we had quite similar whitsun week-end :-)