Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Looong day...

So we went to meet the Canadians- and you know something funny? They looked just like us!!!
No,really- it was so much fun meeting them. My husbands father and the mrs. mother were cousins. The mr.s father was Norwegian, but had been in Canada since 1952. Three of their five children came with them, and we had a big meeting with cousins once/ twice removed, lots of kids running around playing football/soccer, cakes, coffee and talk-talk-talk. They live in Manitoba, on a 10 000 acre farm...we have 150 acres...
I picked up the kids at school at 2:15 pm, and we drove up north, it took us three hours- first 45 min drive, then 15 min ferry, 45 min drive, 30 min ferry, and finally 45 min drive. And back again tonight...we spent less than 3 hours with all those relatives, but it was worth it. My daughters were jealous though- the Canadians had horses!!! One each! And my kids have a terrible mom who won't allow any horses on the premises!!
We came home at 11:15 it was a long day. Our view, only minutes from home:

It was raining (the white spots), but it doesn't get really dark at night.
I did put in some knitting too- 90 minutes on the ferry is plenty for turning a heel!
Have a nice day.


Janice said...

Sounds like a very fun day! Lots of traveling, but well worth the trip! You do beautiful work on your socks.. can't wait to see the ones you are working on!!

busyJ said...

Marit - Do you always have the camera with you? It is a good idea with all the lovely views that you have.
What socks are you working on now?