Saturday, May 26, 2007

My knitting spot

We have a big, new house, where I even got my very own sewingroom-still haven't gotten that sewingmachine though-lol-but I think my favourite place these days to sit and knit, is the wintergarden/glasshouse/conservatory. It lies next to the kitchen/livingroom, it is bright and airy,and it has a lovely view. We can see the whole shore of our property. Lately we've had heavy rain and an occasional sunray, and sitting "outside" in such weather is quite fun. It hails on the glass roof, or rains, or the sun shines through-I'm never wondering what kind of weather we are having!

Lady Grey, our cat, came down with kittens on May16th...She was BIG those last couple of weeks, and the kittens were twice the size of the ones we usually gets! She had five, but is now left with two. DD1 brought them up,while Lady Grey was taking a bit of fresh air, but then she got back in, and was pretty furious with us for messing up with their sleeping! She grabbed one of them and entered our closet...we got her back downstairs, and she calmed down.

Found the cutest babyhat in a long time here, so I cast on and had it done in a day, together with a pair of miniMayDays! They are just like the regular ones, but with only 8 stitches to each repeat. Fun making them. Should fit a newborn to 6months old, but I haven't got a model in that size- and my own kids are so big that I have forgotten how small they once where...

I've tried to get back to crocheting too, but I'm not in the mood...I'm working on some curtains for my sister,she doesn't know about it,but she doesn't know I'm blogging either...

So instead I cast on for this, only I'm using crochet thread (the size where you need a 1.25mm crochet hook), and intend to make a tablerunner. I will have to make the border a little wider, but otherwise it seems like it knits up nicely. It looks all crumpled, so I won't show until I've gotten a bit further into it-no use in blocking it yet!
DD1 likes to take's another one of our livingroom views...Enjoy, and have a great day!


Anna said...

What a beautiful conservatory!

marit said...

Thank you, Anna!