Friday, February 22, 2008

...twice in one week...?

Hi, there!

Twice in a week? hehe, my only exuse is that the kids are still asleep(yes, it is past noon, yes, they are teenagers, yes, it is still winterholidays...), which means that I can get to the computer! The kids and I share one which is placed in our livingroom, and it is hard to get my hands on it- LOL!

Thought I'd show a picture of the blanket when it's done. It is a doilypattern that I found in a book or magazine, and it can be done with any pattern. It is 120 cm (nearly 50 in) across. Knitted in Alfa which is a wool/mohair blend. I like it, but still haven't decided wheter to keep it myself or use it as a gift. At one point, during my "no christmas stress"-time in december, I mde plans to knit one for each of my nieces and nephew... No Christmas stress... Oh, well, the plans are still there, and it IS a while till next, right? I seem to be on a babyknitwhim these days. I'm knitting on a babydress, which now is only stockinette on the skirtpart....mindless tv-knitting, but boring!

I found this cute pattern in an old magazine, jacket and cap with sheep, and since DD2 is off to
town, I asked her to buy the yarn for it. (She's going with a neighbour- I'm not sending her off alone!)

Living on the westcoast means that we have weather, lots of weather. Last night another storm hit, it rained buckets, and it was really windy.We lost the power in the middle of "Numbers" came back in time to nail the bad guy, but not in time to find out why he was the bad guy!LOL!
Today it hails... However this guy is still playing his accordion, overlooking our yard. My father-in-law used to make these with a chainsaw. He would also collect old farmtools-of iron- plows, hackets, knives, horseshoes, everything people threw out when they got tractors and more modern machinery. He would put it all together, welding it together into sculptures, thus taking care of an important part of history. All the tools can still be used, just get it off the sculpture. He was a trained blacksmith, but worked most of his life as a panelbeater/car repairman. 5 years ago he passed away. We still miss him.
Todays between the hailstorms...
Take care, and have a nice weekend!


Lillefix said...

Teppet ser nydelig ut. På Østlandet kan vi skryte av litt bedre vær med en del sol. Vind har vi også, men ikke nok til å få deg og andre vestlendinger til å heve øynebrynet, antar jeg ;-)

Jeg skal kose meg med fellsøm i helga, og planlegge noen nye feller (jeg går og venter på skinn...)

Ha en flott helg!

Helene said...

Hva hette den svigerfaren din? Ikke Jørund vel?

Mary said...

That is so beautiful! I say save it for Christmastime -- you'll feel so clever for making things ahead.

We have a chainsaw bear. I had no idea people made these outside the U.S. My dh loves these and I have to restrain him from buying more bear companions. How special that your FIL made it.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Beautiful shawl!....and love the sculpture....hope you're getting some more light over there as we head towards March!

Poshyarns said...

The blanket is really beautiful, a little work of art.

Anonymous said...

Teppet vart kjempefint! Sikkert ingen dum idé å gjemme det til jul.. :)