Monday, February 04, 2008

concerts and tickets and online ordering and such stuff...

Have you ever heard of Metallica? Yes, I thought so... My DS1 has also heard of them. They are coming to Bergen in July...Bergen will be the only town they will visit in Scandinavia in 2008. It is also "only" 5 hours away... By the time the concert will be held, DS1 will be16, and he REALLY wanted to go together with a friend. So, we said it was okay. The tickets would be on sale online from Monday morning at 9am. This monday morning. And that is why I'm still at the computer...DS1 obviously had to go to school. And mom should order the tickets. No big deal, right? So, I clicked in on Ticketservice...and got a message..."we have large activity on this site, please wait for your turn..." 15 minutes went by..., 30..., 45...-and finally it was MY turn! Yess! two tickets ordered, now only to pay for it...and somehow the connection to the bank was unavailible, so no matter how many times I tried to convey the information, it bounced right back-" sorr, not availible". Finally the tickets were no longer on hold for me, and two seconds later it was sold out. 20000 tickets sold out in less than an hour...and I NEARLY had two!!!

I sent a textmessage to the darling son, telling him how it went. After a while I got this one back: "OK. Black Market next"

Not a very good day. Sorry.
(I also promised to get back to the "You make my day"award! Can someone please tell me how to get that logo/tag onto my blog??? I've started writing the entry, but felt so sorry for myself for not being able to get those tickets that I just had to stop! (See, I wrote "sorry for myself"- not sorry for that poor lad!!!))

Oh, well, things will cheer up. I hope....

Hopefully your day is better than mine-LOL!


Tracy said...

Sorry you had not the greatest day every...I hope a better one will be just round the corner for you! Metallica...I admit to being a secret fan! (No doubt that surprises you--LOL! But having said that they are the only metal I can listen to. :o)

knit, crochet, stitch, stick said...

Sorry.... I meant to tell you how... just steal the pic from my blog right clicking on it and hitting 'save as' then you will have it in your comp to load it into your blog.

Hope tomoro brightens up for you

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry your day didn't go well, but at least I have learned something here. I always assumed that when you bought tickets on line, you didn't wait in line. Wow, that is an eye-opener. LOL

I'm sure Son will love you just the same.