Monday, February 11, 2008

new week, new possibilities...and lot better weather!

Not sunny today, but not raining either!
As I said earlier, January was spent knitting... these are not showing off well at all! Sorry:-(
I found the pattern he, and it is called Quilted Leaf Lace Socks. Knitted top down with an afterthought heel, and matching fingerless mitts. We gave it to a 15 yearold for her birthday, and she was happy to receive them.
She has two little sisters (they are 5 in all, girls 15 and 13, boy 9 and girls 6 and 4), I've knitted mittens for them, and had some leftover yarn to make a pair of slippers. When I was a kid, my grandmother made us some of these in granny squares. DS1 has knitted and felted a pair in school, DS2 and DD2 are knitting a pair each now. I felted these, one pair in pink and purple, the other in pink and orange... Pattern from Garnstudio, found here and here .They are a great beginner's project, and also great for knitting up all those odds and ends. Just notice that the original is not felted, so you'll have to adjust a bit for that. More knitting, mittens from Knitter'sAlmanac by ElizabethZimmerman. Quick knit and rather fun.
And then my felted bag. I made two as Christmasgifts, but wanted one for myself too. My very own creation...or so I thought until I stumbled back on this... Sophie from MagKnits . LOL! I only made the handles longer:-) Hubby's in Houston, Texas, at work, the kids will be back from school in 20 min., winterbreak- a whole week off!- is next week. And- the SUN is back!!! It'll be on the house in a few minutes. It's gone for 6-8 weeks over the winter, and the weather has been so awful lately that we haven't seen it anywhere! But today: It shines on the seahouse this minute, so it will soon be here too. And the weather is supposed to stay like this for several days!
It looks as if it will be a nice week:-)


Anonymous said...

Dei grønne sokkane såg skikkelig lekre ut! Og jammen har du fått gjort mykje i løpet av januar.. :) Har vore litt slapp eg, men rekner med handarbeidslysta tek seg oppatt snart ;)

Ha ei fin veke. Håper vêret helde, akkurat no er det veldig flott her óg :)

Lesley said...

Wow you have been busy knitting!! I love your felted bag - the colours and pattern are gorgeous.

It feels like spring is on the way here and the sun really lifts the spirits.

I hope you have a lovely sunny week over there and have a great week with the children :)

Lesley x

Tracy said...

Your have been VERY busy with the needles! LOL! Wonderful knitting, Marit. That website has great free patterns--I often go there for ideas and inspiration. Glad the rain has stopped! Hope hubby has a great time in Houston, and you & the kiddies have a great week ((HUGS))

Mary said...

Pretty things, Marit. A good way to keep the kids busy too.

I used to live in Houston -- the opposite of Norway in many ways, I'm sure. I miss the TexMex food and friendly people.

Hope your week is sunny and beautiful!

Farmor said...

Skal si du har fått fart på pinnene i år, så mye fint ! Veska var lekker ! Selv vet jeg ikke riktig hva jeg skal begynne med nå ! Kanskje jeg skal prøve meg på en veske ?... Du har en ryddig traktor som legger egg på en perlerad ! Plundrer alltid med å få publisert, passordet virker ikke

Caroline said...

I always love your landscape photos, Marit. The ones in this post are particularly beautiful. I'll bet you feel that too after eight weeks of darkness.

I'm excited about the slippers you are knitting. I have a friend whose daughter is interested in knitting. I've been trying to think of a project I could help her start that she'd like. Scarves don't come in too handy with our weather, but slippers are always nice.

I love your felted bag too!

Lillefix said...

Den veska di var helt nydelig! Hvordan går det med skinnfellboka? Har du fått lest noe???

Anonymous said...

Hei igjen :)
Hadde planer om å strikke tåa og hélen slik du gjer, men var på "landet" og hadde berre med meg eit par strikkepinner, og ingen internett eller anna beskrivelse på korleis maske saman(gjer det så sjeldent at eg må slå det opp mellom kvar gong.. *ler*)

Ha ein fin kveld!

YarnThrower said...

I'll have to remember that slipper pattern for the next time one of my sons has an interest in trying out knitting! Your outside photos are just beautiful! I imagine it would be difficult with so little sun for so long. I'm so glad it is returning, and I just really do enjoy the scenery!

Janice said...

You're pictures are so lovely. And look at all that knitting you've been doing!! It all looks great I especially LOVE the purse!! Enjoy the winter break. Hope you get LOTS of sun!!

Rani said...

Wonderful knits! It's eye candy! You've been busy.

The view is wonderful. There is nothing like sun in the winter. It can be bleak and weak, but it's the sun! I feel like I haven't felt the sun on my face for a month. sigh.

Judy said...

Love the bag. I haven't tried felting yet.
Glad the weather is turning nicer over there. We are haveing cold and snow here, but it won't last much longer.
Have a good one.


Rebecca said...

I really like your Sophie bag, so pretty!

There is that same felted slippers pattern in Craft magazine from the winter too, with the felting instructions.