Thursday, July 26, 2007

we're back...

The kids and I went to visit Farmor(fathers mother-their paternal grandmother) She lives 3 hours away. She is a widow since Feb.2003, when Farfar suffered a massive heartattack and passed away on the kitchenfloor, with all the crandchildren around him.

She is a lovely lady, and we had some great days with her. The weather was okay,okay enough for the kids to go swimming....we went to a bathingplace in the river,where they jumped (see the splash...?) and swam for some time. I had to drive them, and brought some work with me to do... Anyone who has joined the MysteryStole3 ? I signed up...I can't have been at my senses at the moment- there just wasn't time to do any knitting at all...but I signed up...Well-so far I'm done with the third clue...I'm using crochetthread to knit with, on 2.5mm needles, and will use it as a tablerunner. Why? I don't know what kind of yarn to use. I've knitted a few shawls some years ago using Icelandic yarn (Eingirni), but my local LYS has nothing, another has too expensive stuff- lovely, but way too expensive- and I haven't tried ordering through internet yet...hubby doesn't like it at all. So that's why I'm using crochet thread:-)
Balancing the pattern, following pattern rows, and knitting with white- a challenge-LOL!

Before starting MS3, I finished my Serpentine socks. They're done toe up, with rather short legs-because I was using only two balls of yarn...and my feet are pretty big. But I like them. a close up of the mystery stole-the pattern is beautiful so far.
We didn't do much on our little vacation, but the kids helped farmor in the garden, cutting grass, watering and carrying firewood closer to the house(it will soon be winter, my friends!) We also went to see "Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix" at the movies. A bit of a disappointment...There has been a lot of writing about it in the newspapers around here, saying it is not suited for children under the age of 11 due to something-well, my kids are not the average kid,I guess...nothing seems to scare them... Anyway, we're glad we went, but we were expecting a bit more.

DS2 is reading the fifth book at the moment, I read the first to them, but they got longer and longer by each book, so now they have to read them by themselves...

I'm waiting for the last book to be translated to Norwegian- here is just NO way that I will start reading that in English!!! Still haven't read #6,though...guess I'll have to start all over again...

DD2 celebrated her 10th birthday on July 24th- it is really hard to believe that she is already 10!!! I mean- I'm not getting any older???

Have a nice week!


Rebecca said...

Oh, I am doing Mystery Stole 3 too, but I am still only on the first clue.

Yours will be a beautiful table runner.

busyJ said...

I am doing MS3 but have not gotten past doing the swatch. I think I need smaller needles and I don't have any that I can do the lace on, so I have to wait to either order on line or go out of town. Yours looks lovely. I never thought of using crotchet cotton, hmmmm.
Have a great day.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hello Marit.
Thank you so much for commenting on Marta's photos. She love counting the comments coming in :-)

What a nice blog you have. I am curious to find out where you live :-). We will be driving down the western coast from Trondheim to Stavanger/Moi starting next Monday. Will have stops at Stryn, Sele and the island Selja, Sandane and Fjærland.

Rani said...

It will be worth the wait (book 7).

The stole . . . WOW! That lacework is amazing. That is something I have yet to try and I'm feeling like I should . . . (Norwegian grandmother, Icelandic grandfather).

The swimming looks like an adventure . . . leave it to kids!

Janice said...

Your mystery stole is looking beautiful and will make a wonderful table runner.
Your socks turned out lovely as well.. I love the color.
Sounds like you had a good trip. I'm thinking the water looked cold!!
I am currently reading Harry Potter #6 and will read # 7 when I am done with that. (By then, the rest of the family should be done as well!!) How long until it will be in Norwegian??

Caroline said...

Merit, your lace is incredible. I just don't think I concentrate well enough to complete something so complex. I'm always having to start over because I start knitting mindlessly and forget where I am.

I also love your socks and I'm so sad that the Sockamania Club is closed to new members.

monica said...

I am knitting the MS3, but I have to confess, I am far behind. I still haven't finished clue 3 but I hope to work on it this week. Yours looks lovely.
My DD2 is turning 10 in a little over 2 weeks, she is so happy to be in the double digits.

Anonymous said...

Det blir ein nydelig løper! Du er tøff som tar den med på tur i skogen, det trur eg ikkje eg hadde gjort.. ;)

Flotte sokker, og nydeleg bilde av solnedgangen :)

Tracy said...

Glad you had a great time with family. Your lace is lovey, and so are the socks. Beautiful last photo there of the sunset! Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great Sunday! :o)