Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Thanks a lot for your nice comments on my "beejacket"!!! I love it, it is so comfortable, and I really want to use the pattern again-the jacket fits, so I want to make another one with a different pattern and different colours(or juxt solidcoloured...I'll see what I can come up with...)
Picture taken this morning...had to get up at 6am to drive hubby to the boat leaving for Bergen at 6:50am (it takes 5 hours to Bergen, then he flies to work in Stavanger, and he'll be gone for 2 weeks. But he has actully been home for 4 weeks is a looong time since that happened last!) The kids are still asleep, the guests at the seahouse is still asleep, the cats lay around sleeping.... Last night Tussi met the hedgehog. He was pretty curious about it, tried to play, but backed away quickly-LOL!
There is actually some knitting too! These are the SockamaniaJuly socks,(I'm having the blues...this is the third pair-of three-that I have made for myself in this club in blue yarn-hehe)The pattern is great, but I'm having big troubles with the cables...cabling every third row? I always forget which row I'm on... They are knit toe-up, I used a figure8-cast on, which works for me-because I am totally unable of making short rows with wraps! I've tried! Several times! It looks awful! So I cheated on the heel too, and made my own version. The cuffs might be a bit shorther than usual, because I thought I'd use only 2 balls of yarn(and my feet are so big that if I start top down, I need nearly half a ball extra...) That sounds weird. It's too early in the morning. BTW: the tablecloth is made by a neighbour, we got it as a present when we moved into the new house a year ago. It is beautiful!
I also signed up for MysteryStole3...and still haven't had time to start it, haven't even got yarn for it...I've seen parts of it on different blogs-(sorry,too tired to find any links)but I might have an idea for that one too...There will be more knitting and reading now that hubby's off to work again.
I'll leave you with today's view...a wet, foggy day.Which I will spend in company with my knitting needles...
Have a great day!
And Kristy ,I'll get back to the rockin' thing!


Rani said...

A peaceful morning to yourself. Me, too - but now they're waking up and clambering to be fed.

Great sweater and hilarious picture of the kitty with Hedgey!

I just gave up cabling on a stocking - same reason - I couldn't remember how many rows I'd done and am having difficulty counting them. UGH!

kathleen said...

What beautiful photos of your part of the world. And the I haven't entered into the sock world yet, but plan to soon. Thanks for the wonderful pictures here!

busyJ said...

Love your sweater, it fits you great! When you find a pattern that you like and it fits you, you just have to make another. I am still looking for the perfect pattern.
Tussi is getting so big and so cute.
Have a great week.

Janice said...

Your beejacket looks great on! Congratulations. I'm not sure I'd be ready to tackle something like that! Also LOVE the socks. I'm in love with cables and they look great.

Great picture of kitty meeting hedgehog. Probably a shocker for both!

Happy Knitting! Hope you get lots done!

Frk.Badegakk said...

Wonderful colors on your bee jacket! I simply love them!=D