Thursday, July 19, 2007


Thanks to Kristy and Rani for nominating me-here there should be an insert with the button RockinGirlBlogger.... did I figure out how to do it? I think not...sorry...BUT- instead you go to those two ladies and read- Too bad you are already nominated, or I would have done it. I love your blogs, and it is so much fun to see what people in other parts of the world are doing. I've been blogging since April, and reading blogs only since around the beginning of the year, but there are so many talented women out there in blogland, and always someone new to read. Also lots of great patterns. I thought I was a pretty experienced knitter...but every day there is something new to learn. It is great.

I do have someone I would like to nominate, and if you feel like it, please make your own choices.

Judy- ,SiljaDevine-,Bea- ,Janice-,Michelle- and a lot more... These women are very different from each other, but they have knitting in common. And a very down-to-earth approach to life that suits me.

This is written around 2 am thursday morning-I've been up since 6am wednesday morning, so I'd better stop before it gets completely out of control around here-LOL!
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite:-)


Janice said...

Thanks for the nomination :-) Hope you are getting some sleep. I think I'd have trouble sleeping with as light as your nights are. It would just seem like more time to be knitting!!

Silja said...

Takk for nominasjonen, jeg blir reint flau her. Koselig å høre at du liker bloggen min da :) Jeg trives veldig godt i den også selv om jeg er en forferdelig dårlig kommentator.