Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I HAVE been knitting!

Not exactly lace weight... My first attempts of spinning. The spindle is not a favourite, I think I would like a wheel better, but it's okay for now. I just didn't realize it would get so messy! It is fun though! The wool is really soft, at least in my opinion! It's grey, but gets funnycoloured when i spin it, there's alot more white in it. Oh well, I have plenty of wool to play around with!
We bought the handcarders last summer in a thriftstore...

But I have been knitting too...My blue recycled sweater is done, even with a zipper, it used to be short and boxy with very wide sleeves, now it's long and slim, but still with sleeves that are a bit wide. And long...I knit the peplum first, picked up stitches for the body, and finished that, then knitted the border around the whole sweater, and attached it as i went along. I like it. The zipper is probably too short. I inserted it above the peplum. I'll try to find the links for the different patterns later.

The back, with the hearts in the middle, and the cables from a glove pattern at the sides (Knotty?)

Hmmm- lousy photo.

But this one is better! Lots of cables- probably too many- but fun to knit! I ripped the boxy one that I had knitted some 20 years ago...

I've worn it several times too, and I like it, even though it could have been a bit wider and maybe a bit shorter...;-)

April's Sockamaniasocks, very nice lacy ones. I haven't started the May socks yet, right now I'm trying to finish a tunic for my niece K. It's in white, and I use last summer's big hit: HeyTeach. nice H got the green one I made and forgot to take a photo of, and K wanted the same thing. I'm knitting it a bit different though- starting with a provisional cast-on at the ribbing at the waist, knitting the lacy pattern and the sleeves, sewing it all together, and then picking up and knitting down from the waist. Easier to get it the right lenght, and both wanted tunics and not a short jacket.

Hi,Michaela! ThePoppySocks are done!(I guess you never thought you'd see a photo of those;-) (Sorry, only a Ravelry-link) Yarn. the blue is Senja from Gjestal, the pink is something else...but similar. Knitted two-at-a-time using magic loop, 2,5mm. FUN!!!I haven't been able to get gauge, the yarn is a bit too thic k, and the needles might have been smaller, but they fit my large eet, and that's what matters:-)

The girls just look at me when I say I'll be wearing them: "seriously???"

Two at the same time was okay as long as I paid attention to where the yarn no tangles! I tried to knit another pair with two colours, and only two balls of yarn...that did not work out...

My youngest nice turned 7 last week. My sisters and I have 6 daughters in all, and I also have two sons, but it was the girls I was talking about... Mine have never been pink, they've occasionally used a pink t-shirt or a pair of trousers, but they've never minded using other colours. Neitehr have the other girls. The five oldest, that is. Then came O. She is 4 years younger than the second youngest. And she is PINK!!! It has always been okay to buy her clothes for gifts, as long as they were pink. Blue or green stripes or anything would make it a boy's garment. She looks good in pink though. But now, for her seventh birthday, I decided to knit her something, and asked what her favourite colour was. "Pink!" "But purple is also my favourite." So I grabbed the chance when I got it:-)
A purple tunic. Pattern found in HendesVerden. (A danish magazine. I bought it because it had a leaflet with knitted children's clothes attached. )

The yarn is DuStoreAlpakka's Babysilk, a beautiful, soft yarn that I have never tried before. Knitted on needles 3mm, size 7, and I used 6 balls. It's long enough to be a dress, but O. emphasized that it was a tunic! Mother-of-pearl buttons in front.

I like it. So did O.

Hmmmm- this was a strange post. Not even ONE sheep! But lady Grey got five kittens last night! Photos later...
Have a great weekend:-) I'm off to do some gardening. Or preferably knitting. But hubby is home, so gardening it is;-D



Ninne said...

Guuuri malla så mye fint du har strikket!! Nydelig jakke og helt herlig tunika! Og så sånt et tålmodighetsarbeide da! Jeg mitet omtrent pusten her! Men nå skal jeg snart ut i sjøluft, så da får jeg den nok igjen ;)

blueberries in the fields said...

hello marit, my, you have been busy with yourfingers ! :) wish i had more time for some knitting, it has been weeks since i touched my needles.
come visit, i am having a giveaway !

Hege said...

Så mye fint det var her! Den lilla tunikaen er nydelig, skjønner godt hun ble fornøyd med den.

Monstermønster said...

Du har hatt nok å henge fingrene i! Nydelig arbeide, alt sammen.

Spinning ser morsomt ut, er det ull fra egen produksjon?

Judy said...

Good grief, girl. When do you have time to sleep?
All lovely items.
Question....when you spin on a drop spindle how do you ply the yarn?
I just got my wheel and am loving it. I am spinning some llama from my daughters llama right now. Very soft and Coal black. Beautiful.


Heidelweiss said...

I love all the knitted items! You've been busy. The sweater and socks are beautiful and that tunic is unreal! It honestly looks like something out of a magazine. Perfect.

Rani said...

The knitting is all so beautiful! I can't believe you took up spinning. Wait. Yes I can! It will be fun to watch your process and see what you make with your own hand-spun yarn. I do sense a wheel in your future.

Debra said...

Oh My..i love the modified version of your new blue sweater...its gorgeous. Those lacy socks adorable...time time...i need more time..or less crafts...have you ever felted any of your wool? Happy day :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I don't know where to begin!
Your spinning is coming along very nicely. I'm so happy you gave it a try, and now you know that YOUR sheep have very nice fleece for spinning too. That is a sure bonus!

The socks and the tunic are all absolutely lovely. But that "recycled" blue sweater is amazing!! I love it, and I bet you look gorgeous wearing it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hia Marit, what lovely makings! I love your pink and blue socks. Sometimes I think our children are too serious and worried about other people's opinions too much. I LOVE them and you do too, so that is what matters. :-)

Your blue cardigan turned out wonderful. I love arans to knit. I can also see why your neice is so pleased with her tunic.

Well done with the spinning. Drop spindle spinning is slow compared with a wheel, so I think what you are doing is fantastic. I hope you share how the wool looks when it is knitted. I am very curious.

QuiltedSimple said...

Do you ever sleep? You have gotten LOTS knitted - you are on a roll. Love the sweaters

Kitty said...

Wow ... how do you get so much done?! Fabulous knitting! That spinning is really interesting - I look forward to seeing what you do with it next. x

Ragnhild said...

Jøssssss, så mye flott du har strikket! Herlige mønstre i den blå jakka, der måtte du holde tunga rett i munnen! Jeg holder på med en genser til mannen, og syns det er mer enn nok med fletter midt foran ;D Ha ei flott hagehelg!

sipusa said...

wow.....så masse fint du har strikket....klarer ikke velge hva jeg skal starte å kommentere jeg, jakkene eller den fine tunikaen eller sokkene eller.....eller....veldig flott alt sammen!


Den jakka di blei berre kjempeflott!! Mønsteret du har strikka var fint til garnet og fargen, passar sikkert perfekt til deg! Må ha vore litt av ein jobb. Den lilla kjolen/tunikaen du har strikka til niesa di, ser også veldig fin ut! Eg har veldig lyst til å prøve det silkealpakka garnet til DSA, men har ikkje funne ut kva eg skal strikke enno.
Ha ei fin veke!

Andrea said...

My dear Marit, I see that you've been very busy. I love everything. I am so glad you are trying your hand at spinning.

Ruth said...

Den jakken ble da bare helt UTROLIG flott! Nydelige fletter og lekker fasong. Og jammen har du vært flittig. Blir helt imponert jeg.

Jeg sitter her og ser på naboens "gressklipper". En hel skokk med sauer som tråkker rundt på plena hans. Ulla henger etter i store flak. Ikke mye pent nei, men kanskje jeg skulle løpe ut og dra av dem noe ull? Best ikke - de hornene kan være temmelig harde.
Spinning ser morsomt ut, men jeg har aldri prøvd. Det får bli en hobby for fremtiden.

Rosa ja, jeg var så absolutt ikke rosa som barn, men jeg fikk en skikkelig rosa periode for noen få år siden. Jeg fant ut at det måtte være hormonelt. Så det er kanskje like bra at O får gjort seg ferdig med den nå.

Jeg håper du får en fin uke videre.

YarnThrower said...

My goodness, Marit, you have been very busy! I do the same thing -- do the work when hubby is home, but I sometimes pick up my knitting as soon as he leaves to go someplace :-) Fun to see how you're pulling various patterns and yarn together to create unique sweaters!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I love the way you've brought all those cable patterns together on the recycled sweater. Makes me want to try something similar.

Michaela said...

Hey at last! Those socks are fantastic, love the colours! I see you didn't knit as many pattern repeats on the toes either. But as to your girls response to wearing them - they are much more subtle than mine! (But i have yet to wear them!)

Fantastic other knitting by the way, I love your recycled blue cable jacket. I love the look of cables but really don't like knitting them. Too lazy!