Wednesday, June 03, 2009

...more fo's...

I have a working computer again!!! Hubby had a friend/former colleague visiting over the weekend, and he knows his way around computers, so all of a sudden it works, and I can upload pictures again! Let's hope it lasts...;-D

We've had a busy few weeks. Two long weekends, both with guests, one where we planted and weeded the garden, and set the potatoes, then one where the kids participated in Dragseidspelet, and the week between was devoted to rehearsals...the weather was very nice last weekend, lousy in between, and gorgeous this weekend when the play was performed! Check out that link, there are some great photos! They had two professional actors participating this year, Roger Hilleren and Mikkel Gaup, both well known in Norway. My youngest came back from rehearsal one night and whispered with stars in her eyes: Mikkel is teaching us how to "joike"!!! At the round-up party for all the participants, she and 6 other girls did a joik that he had taught them, and they had so much fun.

A few months ago, "my" Icelandic knittinggroup Garnaflækja started a KAL, "Prinsateppid". It's quite similar to the Shetland hap shawls, I guess. Anyway, I joined, and knitted....and then other projects sort of got in the way...But now I'm going to finish it, there is only the edging left. 140 repeats, I'm done with 20... Yarn: Tove from Sandnes, white light grey, charcoal and some dark red.
Needles: Knitpicks, 4mm
It was meant to be used as a babyblanket, but I think I'll use it as a shawl. We'll see when it's done. IF it gets done...
May Sockamania... the yarn is too busy to really show off the pattern, but I didn't have any solid blue or red in my stash, so I changed the colours...Another Hey,Teach! off the needles, for my niece K, but she had forgotten that she'd picked white;-)
Føn from Gjestal, I used 10 or 11 balls. The yarn is very soft, a blend of 30% cotton and 70% bamboo, but also very splitty!
I knit on 4mm needles, instead of the suggested 5mm.
The back. I started this with a provisional caston at the ribbing, knit the pattern up, and finished the sleeves, then picked up the live stitches, and did the body downwards. It is considerably longer than the original, more like a tunic.

I also added a little broken rib pattern, and made the neckline a bit higher.

Mother-of-pearl buttons.

I think I promised the links for my blue recycled jacket (and I've got a ton of compliments for it! )(scroll down for photos of it in my last post..those photos are not uploaded to this computer...)

Luckenbooth medallion, used on the back

doubleknot, used on both fronts, but I forgot to give them a mirror image...
Knotty Gloves, used on both back and front, and sleeves.

Elegant Celtic Cabled Rug, used for the peplum.
Then I added some beehivecables, and plain cables. Around the whole thing I made a border with a simple four stitch cable and some seed stitch.
I've used it a lot already, and really like it, despite it's the neckline is a bit wide, and the zipper too short, and the sleeves are too long...still- it's pretty colour, it was a fun knit, and it's one of the few things that I've designed myself.
Hubby's left for Houston again, it's cold and miserable outside, the kitchengarden needs weeding, and the sheephouse should be cleaned out. But I'll get another cup of tea, read the papers and knit some more on that shawl...
Take care, and have a great summer:-)


Rani said...

Sounds like a busy and wonderful start to a summer! We've got potatoes too this year, but ours are in plastic bins because the bugs were so bad last year. I hope this works.

Look at all your knitting! It's fabulous - That white sweater is darling. I'm going to check out the pattern.

Enjoy your beautiful summer.

YarnThrower said...

I commend you for choosing knitting over chores -- makes me feel less guilty for the times when I do that :-)

vonnie said...

Glad you have a "well" computer again!..It is very good to have you back to the blog-world! Happy Summer-time!

QuiltedSimple said...

I love all your knits. You've been busy!

Alison Boon said...

I love your Hey Teach in white. I like the modifications you made, I love mine, but wish now I'd adjusted the neckline.

Anonymous said...

Hia Marit, sorry it's taken me so long to catch up. Thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog. The tunic is beautiful. I'm sure she will love it. White goes with everything.

The shawl is beautiful. I knitted son's Christening gown in a similar lacey style. Like you I got to the stage where i just wanted it finihed. :-)

Great socks.

Rebecca said...

Your blanket is really pretty. Mine is stalled, I haven't had much knitting time lately.

Anonymous said...