Sunday, August 12, 2007


We've been doing a bit of gardening this last week...the whole area around the house has suffered from the fact that -A:I don't like gardening. B: Hubby's been away at work most of the time.C: We've had a threeyear setback because of the fire and rebuilding the house (which has taken most of our energy...) D: The old garden suited the old house- but it had turned into a mess,mostly due to it being in the middle of a construction site... E:......well, whatever!

We ended up hiring a contractor who knows what he's doing! First we took away a pile of stones. This is more or less what it looked like. Then we added some more stones. Hubby is stone mad...-LOL- also, his first name is literally stone! The result of this:
is this: A brand new stone stair, a shortcut to get down to the seahouse (it is like a hundred steps to walk AROUND the garden on the of course we need a shortcut!) Anyway- it looks good, and it is well proportioned and easy to walk in. BTW: the hegdehogs used to live under these stones. We moved them to another stonefence on the farm, hoping they will settle down there. It is farther away from traffic, which is good, seeing that so many are being killed by cars these days.
Today we finished it, for the time being,that is, it will be lawn now, and then we'll add more rocks and plants and a new stonefence- it WILL be better!
There HAS been knitting too, but not as much as usual. I did finish my August socks though, nice and easy pattern, but I'm not too thrilled about the colour of the yarn (prefer solid or semisolid colours...) The yarn is Regia 4-fädig jacquard color 5273. I made the striping match-LOL! Nice yarn to work with- and plenty leftover! These are made for my sister, so they are a bit short on my feet. Also on my needles is the MS# stole, I've knitted through clue 5, but haven't had time to start on the 6th. It will be interesting to see whether it works out as a tablerunner, though. Oh, well, if not, I can make another piece from clue1 through clue 4 and either graft them together or knit in that little insert ... we'll just see how it turns out.

This picture was taken a week ago, when we came home from farmor (my MIL)We might be taking some days off next week- the kids are due back in school on the 20th, so we'd like to go for a little vacation. Have no idea where we end up, though! We'll just play it by ear, I guess.

I'd like to thank all of you for your nice comments! I'm not good at responding, but I really appreciate it!

And Rani, èg bjò à Ìslandi ì 18 mànudir, vann sem aupair, og stelpan sagdi vid míg: Taladu íslensku!!! (Hún var tæplega 4 ára gömul...ég skíl henni vel! ) I don't speak fluently Icelandic, but I'll manage. In English: I lived on Iceland for 18 months, working as an aupair, and the girl said to me: speak Icelandic!!! She was nearly 4 at the time, I understand her well!)

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Caroline said...

Your stone wall is so nice, and I'm glad you found a safer place for your little hedgehogs.

I think I may join sockomania. It looks like fun. For some reason I had thought tht they didn't have room for new members, but it looks like they do:)

Gudrun Johnston said...

I love those stone steps Marit! Old stone construction is something I've actually come to miss living in the U.S...(there are some stone walls left in the east)...

monica said...

Your stone stairs are lovely. I love the rugged look of it. I just joined the sockamania group I am looking froward to being able to participate in Sept.
I am still not finished with clue 4 of the MS3. I am so far behind. I am sure yours looks beautiful.

Janice said...

I love all the stones!! What a great staircase. Looks like the landscaping will be perfect for your new house!! Also glad to know you moved the baby hedgehogs to safer grounds. They are just so darn cute!! Great job on the socks. The stripes are fun. Have a great vacation.. wherever you end up!!

Anonymous said...

Så flott hagen kjem til å bli!! Steintrappa er kjempeflott! Håper på fleire bilder av hagen undervegs i prosessen.. alltid kjekt å sjå kva løysinger andre vel, og så får ein jo nye idear sjølv òg!

(No er det jo lite hage på den knøttlille balkongen min i Bergen, då.. men, eg får vel hage før eller sida eg òg.. :D )

Ha ei fin veke!!

busyJ said...

Love the stone steps. Your gardening looks to be a success.
Your socks look great, as always.
How is MS3 coming along? Mine is still waiting to be started.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Your garden will be lovely Marit. Next time I come to Selje I will have a cup of tea with you out there :-)

Oh, you have lived in Iceland. I have a brother with wife and two small kids living in Reykjavik :-)

Herdis said...

Jeg er meget imponert over hvor fin islandsk du lærte deg på 6 måneder :) Jeg er islending som har bodd i nord-Norge (d.v.s. Svalbard) og jeg er meget glad over å se en norsk strikke-blog!

Rani said...

Ha ha ha! A four year old. Well . . . my Icelandic is about a 2 year old. "What is your name?" "When is your birthday?" That sort of thing.

The landscaping looks wonderful! I have to tell you - those hay bales wrapped in white . . . when we were in Iceland, we told the kids they were marshmallows. So they think that Iceland is the home of great and might viking lore and the home of farmed Marshmallows. Tee hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Marit mín, þú talar nú alveg frábæra íslensku, þarft ekki að vera svona hægversk :)