Friday, September 09, 2011

Hi, there:-)

I'm having no access to the photos or anything, right now I'm on my daughter's laptop, which can't be used as a laptop anymore, because it needs to stand still in a certain position in order to work-LOL!

But we are fine, just a bit busy!

Summer has been long and wet and cold, we didn't get many straws of dry hay, but were able to make some roundbales, so I hope there is enough for winter.

I've been to three weddings- as a guest in two of them, and as a help in the third, and it was great fun, all three. Beautiful brides, nervous bridesgrooms, crying mothers, and fathers  with a big lump in their throats. Quite normal, I would say;-D

The kids and I spent a week in the south of Norway with my mom and sister, and came back in time for school. DD1 and I went down to Stavanger in the end of August and spent a few days with my sister there, before the daughter started school- the same as DS1- onboard skoleskipet Gann . I've spoken to her every day since she started, and she seems really happy about it! But it is awfully quiet at home...

Still knitting- socks mainly- and having fun sewing. I've got a lot of used jeans, and would love to make a couple of blankets out of it, perhaps  lined with fleece? I've made a top too, and cut some pants...

The sheep are still at Selja, but the weather forecast is pretty good, so I'll try to get them home tomorrow, I want them here during winter. Hunting season  also starts tomorrow, and DS1 got his hunter's license, so he'll probably go. We have a total of 4 deer on these four farms.

We're off to a footballgame- DD2 is playing, so we thought we'd be there cheering;-)

Have a nice weekend!


Heidelweiss said...

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. Sounds like exciting times with all the kids going back to school.

vonnie said...

So good to hear from you. wish i could help you gather the sheep, but maybe i wouldn't be so much help after all! Take care in your busy life.

Caroline said...

I'm a little jealous of your "cold" summer, but I know that can be wearing too. I'm always so amazed at how you manage your sheep.

I've missed your posts, but it's incredible that you find to post at all with such busy kids and life. Have a fun school year!

aimee said...

Computer problems are no fun at all! I hope yours will quickly be gone!
We've had a colder, wetter summer here too--well until the last several weeks when it got dry and hot.
Blessings from the Pacific NW,

Houseelf said...

Hi Marit, I didn't think you had been idle somehow. LOL

Yes it's been a bit like that here too packing daughter to uni this week. I'm only just catching up with Blogland.