Friday, October 17, 2008

Done! ...again....

I know it's too long since I posted when even my sister tells me so...Hei, K!

Anyway- this one is done- again... Spesifics: BeeFields Shawl by AnneHanson
Yarn: Røros Lamullgarn
needles:Knit Picks 4mm
started: August 31st 2008
done: October 5th 2008 (but hubby was home all September, which meant very little knitting time...this is not exactly a tv-knit...)
Size: I knit the big size, and it's probably 2,30m across, and 1,15m from neck to tip...(it's blocking on a mattress that is 200cmx90cm)
Recipient:Britt-Arnhild. Enjoy:-) It's a fun knit, but a real "pain in the a**", especially the beeswarm section...I've knitted a lot of lace during the years, but mostly there are no pattern on the "wrong" side- not so here...
When this was done, I started a sweater for myself...for I keep looking at it, wondering if I should rip it or while pondering over that, I knit a shopping bag (from
I live on a farm) Very roomy, and my 13-yearold refuses to talk to me when I use it-LOL!
I needed another quick knit once that was done, so here's the beginning of Swallowtail lace shawl. Actually a very quick knit, but it turns out rather small, compared to the BeeFields it's TINY! Oh, well, it'll be a nice scarf for someone, it probably get's tossed in my giftbasket. Someone said Christmas is coming up soon...hmmm, already???? TodayI got my third teenager- DD1 turns 13! She's beeen acting 13 for a couple of years... She requested pizza and creamcake;-) No party tonight, or this weekend, she's off on a footballmatch early tomorrow. She's a happy, bright girl. Happy Birthday:-)
(See the macraménecklaces? She made those herself. )
Hubby's back in Houston for the rest of the month. He says the flight is boring. I keep telling him to learn how to knit! He's not too eager. Funny. He was home most of September, and had fun playing with this little toy...also picking potatoes...this year's harvest! Not so much ,but then we didn't plant so many. They turned out big, and very tasty. I'll save some for Christmasdinner, I think.
The sheep were sent to the slaughterhouse last week, the rest are still walking in the fields. The weather has turned, it's autumn, beautiful colours, lots of rain, long dark evenings. We get a fire going in the fireplace and cuddle up inside.

"Picking potatoes" wasn't the only thing hubby did on his September stay-at-home...see down by the seahouse? Looks pretty good, right? We have finally gotten the area outside cleared and safe. Took this photo only an hour ago, we can't even see across the fjord today:-(

The kid- the only one left that is not a teenager- is coming home from school now. With a friend. Better get some food on the table!

Have a great weekend!


Harpa J said...

The shawl is so beautiful and the black makes is really elegant.

The necklace is very cool.

Your seahouse is dreamlike!

Ruth said...

Så hyggelig at du blogger litt igjen. Det sjalet er nydelig og etter at jeg stikket mitt ene(ste) sjal vet jeg litt om hvor mye arbeid det er og er dobbelt imponert.

Gratulerer med enda en tenåring. Nydelig jente.

Judy said...

Beautiful shawl and even more beautiful daughter.
The seahouse looks great, very inviting.
Good to have you back "again", LOL

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It's g-g-g-gorgous! Someday I hope to knit this pattern myself - thank you for reminding me what a stunner it is :)

I love your daughter's necklaces. She's very pretty and creative.

Ninne said...

Noe så vakkert som sjalet ditt!
Jeg ville a l d r i klart det, så nå har jeg tatt av meg hatten her!!

Ha en kjempefin helg, håper tåka letter hos deg!

Tracy said...

Lucky Britt-Arnhild!! The shawl is gorgeous, Marit...truly and exceptionally fantastic piece. The black is a nice choice. Your other shawl in progress is a wonderful color--love that peacock blue! 13...happy day to your DD--how lovely she is, and very pretty necklace! It looks very fall there...your last photo is very dreamy with the fog and the water...Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

Ragnhild said...

I'm i-m-p-r-e-s-s-e-d !!!! How marvellous your shawl is! Lovely 13-year old daughter as well! Stor klem og god helg fra meg til deg!

Supernøtt said...

Fantastisk sjal, hvilken enorm jobb som ligger bak! :-D

Ha en flott helg!

Farmors said...

Du må h en meget godt utviklet tålmodighet! Jeg kunne nok aldri gått igang med noe slikt. Det er helt fantastisk vakkert!
Det er godt å se at ungene vokser til, herlig jente du har!

Anne said...

Beautiful knitting! I do love that Bee fields shawl but worry that I don't have the attention span. And congratulations on officially acquiring another teenager. I know just what you mean about them acting 13 well beforehand ....

Your home is so beautiful. Today I'm going to imagine coming to tea again.

Heidelweiss said...

I'm so glad you're back. I love the shawl. It's beautiful. Happy birthday to you're gorgeous daughter. Your land around the sea house looks lovely, all cleared up, and the weather looks perfect for knitting by the fire. Can I come over?

Mary said...

The shawl is gorgeous! I love it. My dh is spending a lot of time in Germany these days, so I know how it is being a single parent. Happy birthday to your dd!

YarnThrower said...

Beefields is beautiful! I've never made a shawl with patterning on both the right and wrong sides, too! Kudos to you for trying -- looks lovely.

I had to laugh about the shopping bag and your kids not wanting to be seen with you when you use it...

Fall here, too, and just beautiful, though no fjord :-) but, I do love the changing color of the leaves, especially the trees which turn red!

Melanie said...

What a lovely shawl a true work of art. Such patience too.

Both of my children are teens now. It feels weird saying I am the mother of teenagers. How did I get so old without becomming a real grown up? Happy 13th birthday to your talented daughter.

Beautiful boat house all ready for Spring.

mono said...

Milde banan - det sjalet var bare råflott!! Skikkelig lekkert!! =)

bea3855 said...

Sa en fin bloh ha du!
Elsker alle dine bilder - bare fint!
~ ♥ ~
Ta en titt innom bloggen min
fra T'land

Rebecca said...

The shawl is so beautiful!

Your daughter's necklace is very nice, looks like she is becoming talented like her mom. :)

Knitting Linguist said...

The shawl is gorgeous! I've been thinking about knitting the stole version of that one for a while, but haven't had the concentration to take it on lately. Knitting lace on both sides is a bear, isn't it? Happy birthday to your latest teenager!

Rani said...

Oh, how glad I feel when I've seen that you're back! I love how you think Swallowtail is a 'quick' lace knit. UGH! you amaze me.

Nice taters! I'll be planting some next year and now I know who to direct my potato plant questions to!!

What a beautiful girl! And i LOVE LOVE her necklace!

Wish I was sitting by your fire drinking tea, learning Norwegian and knitting. Sounds cozy and wonderful!

Sylvia said...

Heisann Marit!
For et nydelig sjal, men for en jobb!! Jeg ser biene, ja, og i Lamull blir det lett å ha over skuldrene. Tror ikke mange har oppdaget hvor nydelig det garnet egentlig er, jeg!!
Skjønne geiter, da. Du spinner vel ikke garn selv, gjør du vel?
Veldig koselig blogg du har. I`ll be back!! :)

Min said...

The picture of the seahouse is so lovely. It's like a still from a movie - so perfect it can't be real.