Thursday, September 18, 2008

...still here...

Thanks for all your comments on my last post...I had great fun reading them all!

DS1 has started talking, and he still likes school. One of the first days, they went hiking here... and that's where this picture is taken. 600m above sealevel...

There should have been more pictures today, but DD1 uploaded all the photos, and I can't find them!!! I've been knitting quite a bit, and sewing too, but I really need to find those pictures!!!

In the meantime, we're enjoying a lovely autumn, with sunny and warm days, and chilly mornings and evenings. We did a bit of planting this weekend, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and grapes. Have also picked potatoes, they are nearly ready. And yummy!

Went to look for the sheep- they were not ready to come home yet! Will try again this week.

Also, I got tagged. By Heidelweiss. A looong time ago! I will not tag anyone else, but play along if you like:-)

10 things I can't do without:

1. My kids. Even if they are noisy and fighting! And hubby too, of course. Does that count for five???;-)
2. A cup of tea in the morning.
3. Knitting!
4. Sewing!
5. The sheep, at least most of the time...sometimes I just want to put them all in the pot and make a giant lambstew...
6. Books!
Hmmm, this was harder than I thought!
7. Good friends.
8. The blogosphere...
9. Autumn
10. wool!

Okay, that's all for now- off to find those photos!
Have a nice day!


Anne said...

I'm so glad you're still here! Those photos will turn up ... and fall in your part of Norway sounds lovely.

YarnThrower said...

I got vertigo just looking at that photo! Of course, I'm afraid of heights... Glad your son is talking :-)

Your list of things you can't live without begins the same way as mine would...except for the part where you have four kids and I have only two :-)

Hege said...

Det var litt av en utsikt. Tror ikke jeg hadde turt å sittet på kanten der ;)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Great to hear your son has started talking to you!!!! And a lovely list of 10 things!

lucy x

Judy said...

Nice to hear the chatter from your son is coming through. Brave boy to be up there where he was. I am scared to death of heights.
At least you have DD1 to blame for the lost pics. I usually download them myself and then can't find them. LOL
Love your list.

Heidelweiss said...

Love your list. Can't wait to see the "lost" pictures. Isn't it funny that we'd probably all put our kids as something we can't live without even when they're being naughty!

MagFly said...


Det går an søke etter filer som er lagra på maskina t.d. den siste veka. :-)

God helg!

Lesley said...

I especially like fact no 5!!!

Great photo and so good to hear your boy is talking again :-)


Rani said...

That picture turned my hair gray! YIKES!

You sound pleasantly busy. Can't wait to see more pics and knitting.

Glad boy is talking again.