Tuesday, June 17, 2008


DS1 graduated from 10th grade tonight- he's off to school in the autumn- we've just participated in their graduation party. Great kids- they were dancing, singing and doing gymnastics, before getting their diplomas. It's hard to believe that he is almost a grown-up! One era has come to an end, another is soon to begin... Good luck! Love you!
(guess what? I forgot my camera...what kind of a lousy mother am I???)


Bea said...

Heldiggrisen som skal på skuleskip.. Det blir nok spennande!! :D

Alle kan vel gløyme kamera ein gong i blant? (må vel gjere verre ting for å bli stempla som dårleg mor, vel?! *ler*)

Ha ei fortsatt fin veke!!

Heidelweiss said...

Congratulations! Good luck with everything;)

Judy said...

They do grow sooooo fast. Mine are 31 and 26. Where did those years go? When you say he is going off to school is it college? Our kids go to 12th grade here (they are 17 or 18 when they graduate.)

Anne said...

Congratulations! His plans for next year are amazing. How often will you get to see him?

Merete said...

Skoleskip høres utrolig spennende ut! Har bare hørt om seilskip som skolebåt, alt man ikke vet.

blueberries in the fields said...

hi marit,thankyouso much for the nicecomment on my blog. i understand how you feel aboutyourson already a grown up young man. So cute. :) Mydaughter is also graduating this year and will have her graduation ceremony and party on the 27th. She is off to college and will be driving her own car...oh Lord, i still do see her as a little girl.
Have a nice day marit. :)
Monique from quebec canada ( That is 2 or 3 years here before attending university. )

blueberries in the fields said...

Hello again Marit. Thanks for the sweet comments on my peonies and the pillow. It is not perfect, but it was made with lots of love. :)
I am happy that we can communicate in a language we both can understand and speak. My english is not perfect but i guess it is fine. I know, french issaid to be a difficult language,however, i do think the nordic languages seem to be so hard to learn.I studied german at school, years away, but i forgot most of what i learned. Never had the opportunity to practice.
cheers !

Dyan said...

Hi Marit, congrats on your sons graduation.What a wonderful time of accomplishment and yes, the beginning of a new phase.I can just imagine those graduation ceremony antics, just the other night I was watching a programme on tv and the kids were doing backflips and all kinds of fun stuff as they accepted their diplomas. Such fun.