Monday, May 12, 2008

...preparations and celebrations...

Sooo, where do I start? Maybe with this lovely photograph of myself, around 10 pm on the day before DS2's confirmation, trying to make "kompe"?( which is potatoballs- made out of potatoes, flour, salted meat and a bit of salt, and cooked together with more salted meat and vegetables) Can you see I was getting tired...? And a bit upset...? Usually I get kompe perfect every time. Not so this time...I had kompesoup...but in the end it turned out okay, and everyone ate and got stuffed! It may sound horrendous, but it is good! The boy was happy, so were the guests:-)
My sister-in-law did the flowerarrangements, with good help from the kids, especially DD2.

And the main person? Happy as a fiddle:-) He chose a non-religious ceremony just like his brother last year, and he really liked being in the center for once. Here he is together with his grandfathers accordionplayer! And then the familyphoto...DD1 changed her outfit about 8 times that day...(she'll be 13 in October)
We were 14 for dinner, 7 less than last year, since one of my sisters couldn't make it because of exams and work and lambingseason, and also two of the other guests were otherwise occupied. Still,we had a very nice time. I got the mayor to help me heating and serving the food, and she and her family came for coffee later. The weather was nice, and everyone seemed to have a good time.
My mother,aunt, sister and me took a drive on Sunday, and went to Vestkapp, since my aunt hadn't been there before. The view is, as always, spectacular. We try to bring our guests around the district a bit, since we like it a lot ourselves, and it is very different from Høvåg, where I grew up. All in all, we had a terrific weekend!
In other news-
Kristy is back! And with a challenge this time- she needs hats! She's going to Ukraine later this year, and would like to bring with her handknit hats for the orphanage she is visiting. Please check out her blog for more details.! I'll cast on, as soon as I get another pair of socks off my needles. Speaking of socks- here are the latest Sockamania socks! Knit in Silja superwash, magic loop, two-at-a-time, on 2.5mm needles. Cables and lace. LOTS of cables and lace! But still fun to knit.Also- Holly tagged me! And I've been trying to figure out how to narrow it down to
six words....
What is your philosophy of life in six words? Think about it for a few moments.
If you want to participate -
Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you/where you found it.
2. Post the rules.
3. Share a 6 word philosophy of life
4. Tag at least 3 other people -and post in language of your choice.
Holly's words are: make the world a better place.
That's a good one.
I'm still no closer to one "of my own"...I'll have to ponder about it a bit longer... but I'll tag Kristy,
Tracy and Bea.
Have a nice day:-)


YarnThrower said...

I don't know how you're able to get so much knitting done with four children and all of the things that you do! Thank you for sharing your son's special event with all of us!

Heidelweiss said...

What a fabulous weekend. Your kids are beautiful. Will has red hair too and I hope that the color stays, I love it. I don't know when you ever have time to relax. You have to be one of the busiest people on earth! Love the post-thanks!

Kristy said...

You have such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them with us! I'm with the others - your amazing body of knitting and crafting work is all that much more spectacular because of the busyness of the rest of your life.

Thanks for the tag - and a hard one at that! I will have to give it some thought but I will most certainly play along. And thanks for mentioning the hats. I can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Kate said...

Håper at dere hadde en koselig konfirmasjon. Man har litt å holde på med i tida før den store dagen.
Sokkene ble virkelig fine.

Tracy said...

What a terrific weekend...glad it was a great time for many--and especially your son! So very nice to see your group photo...your bunad is beautiful. So are those socks you've been working on. Very exciting tag...I look forward to seeing what your answer will be. Thanks for tagging me...This is a hard one with up to 6 words only! I will be giving this much thought. Happy Days ((HUGS))

hilde said...

Seems like you had a very nice celebration too! We had 14 adults and 8 kids as well in our home.
Your children are already so tall! Love to see them on the pictures, beautiful!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Gratulerer med vel overstått konfirmasjon. Jeg synes kompe som festmiddag høres helt fantastisk ut! Hils Erling.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! The flowers looked lovely, what a nice idea for arrrangements.

Bea said...

Komle til 14 mennesker?! Du er jammen tøff!! Har aldri laga komler, men stiller velvillig opp til middag når mammaen min lager *fnis*

Ser ut som de hadde ein fin dag. Kjekt å sjå bilde av heile familien samla! :)

Ruth said...

Flotte bilder. Og flott familie. Gratulerer med vel overstått.
Komle er vel det samme som klubb? Jeg har aldri laget det selv, men sønnen min fikk det ofte av sin bestemor (moren min) og maser stadig. Kanskje jeg bure lære meg det.

Judy said...

As always you give us lovely photos to look at. Your family is lovely. Glad the day went well.
Your socks are fantastic.


Hilde C. said...

Hjemmelagde komler er jo så godt! Det høres ut som dere hadde en flott konfirmasjon.
Tusen takk for hyggelig bursdagshilsen :-)

Farmors said...

Å, hjelp ! Komper til 14 mennesker!
det tar tid, joda, kompesuppe er godt, men de skal liksom ikke gå i oppløsning da.. Komper er min livrett ! Tenker du er glad konfirmasjonen er over, det er mye jobb. NYYYDELIGE sokker forresten !

Sandie Knapp said...

It looks like your son had a very good time, as I am sure you all did.

The socks are lovely, of course. And what is coming next? I guess I'll just have to visit again soon and find out.

Take care and have a good day. :)

Bea said...

Tusen takk for hyggelig bursdagshilsen! Å ha bursdag på sjølvaste 17. mai er ikkje så veldig kjekt, sjølv om alle flagger for meg ;)

Håper de hadde ein fin dag de óg!

Caroline said...

It sure seems to me that no one knows how to have a party like you Scandinavians do, good food, good company, and good scenery! What could be better?

You have a lovely family!

Rani said...

Wow! What a big, beautiful family - with the best mom to make the soup!

(You should post that recipe! It sounds VERY good!)

Confirmation sounds like a very big deal over there. It's the same in Iceland, I think.

We are a few years off from that yet, but it will be here soon enough, I suppose.

Darling socks!

Lillefix said...

Høres ut som du fikk kjørt deg på kjøkkenet. Jeg er så heldig å komme fra en familie som ikke har så sterke mattradisjoner at jeg trenger å begi meg utpå denslags. Og min bedre halvdel sverger til sodd når det måtte finnes en anledning. Og det er jo kjekt, for det er bare å tine et soddspann eller to og koke litt potet og gulrot.

Hilsen Lillefix, som syr ufortrødent videre på feller som ikke kan omtales i bloggen ennå.

Ruth said...

Det er en stund siden du har blogget nå. Jeg håper alt er bra med deg.
Jeg har gitt deg en liten oppmerksomhet i bloggen min.

Håper du får en fin sommer.