Friday, April 04, 2008

I've got mail!

Some time ago, I signed up for TheMissMarple read-along and scarfexchange. I've always been a big fan of Agatha Christie's books, and have read most of them several times. I've also seen some of the movies lately on tv. So when KhadijhaCaitlin hosted another read/knitalong, I signed up! The idea was to read three different MissMarple- novels, and knit a scarf for a secret pal. Well- not so secret... Anyway- I got my scarf in the mail today! A lovely package from Kiki in Germany. I got so exited I had to open it right away- the sheep had to wait for their feed-LOL!

And this is what met me: A lovely scarf- Fickle fingers(I can't figure out any link), in bluish, the yarn is Ethno from Zitron. It is fun, warm, and incredibly soft! Kiki had also added some woolsoap, a stitchmarker, a bookmark- currently in use in my MissMarple-novel!- green tea, and some delicious chocolate! Such a great package! I wore the scarf today, as it is still pretty cold around here, and it felt so soft and nice around my neck. Thank you, Kiki!
In other news, my IcelandicLaceShawl is finished! It was a MUCH quicker knit than I had expected, and those dreaded pick-me-up's weren't half as bad as I had anticipated. There are a ton of mistakes in it, but I'll just leave them there, since nobody will ever notice anyway! Unless of course they have knitted it themselves... I've washed and blocked it, and the yarn is very soft, and has a great "hold" to it, it seems to take blocking very well. It isn't very big, but it's definitely warm. I think it will go into my giftbasket to begin with. Some details. I haven't quite figured out what is the wrong side, and what is the right side, it can be worn either way, I guess, since there are purl rows on both sides!
The Yarn is one-ply Navia, a faroese/australian/shetland blend 100% wool, in natural colours. The yarn was a pleasure to knit with! I used 3.5mm Prym bamboo circular needles, and I think it turned out nicely. I've casted on for another shawl, one that has been on my to-do list for ages... BeeFields by Anne Hanson of Knitspot. I've bought a dark red wool for it, but since I can't get blogger to upload more than 5 pictures at a time, -and it takes so long to upload that I'm turning all grey here!- I'll show pictures next time! It's coming along nicely. I was thinking of knitting it for my sister-in-law's 50th birthday on April 25th...but that might be too short a notice, considering I'm also preparing for DS2's confirmation celebrations on May 3rd! And Hubby's back in Houston...hopefully he'll be back home by the end of April... DD2's mittens are coming along nicely. She has only the top of the second mitten, and both thumbs left. Her siblings call her "the little homemaker"! She came home with a bookmark and a pillow that she had made in school. And she told me that she was the only one allowed to start a new project- none of the others could, because they hadn't finished what they were making! She was pretty proud of that.

I'll leave you with the everchanging view....taken a couple of days ago. All the snow we got for Easter has disappeared! It's spring! Have a nice weekend:-)


Judy said...

Marit, let me try this again. I typed it all up and blogger just dropped it. Oh, well.
Lovely shawl and view.
The scarf looks similar to one I knit from Interweave Knits. You cast on X amount of stitches at the end of each row and when you turn the work you cast them back off, voila! the fingers. The center was just garter stitch.
Try it.


YarnThrower said...

Your shawl is quite lovely!

So cool that your daughter can knit at school!!

kiki said...

You can find the pattern in Interweave Knits Winter 2005:
Fickle Fingers Scarf from
Gayle Roehm. I did it in seed stitch so both sides are equal...

Lesley said...

What a great swap parcel! I love the scarf :)

Your shawl has turned out beautifully and I really admire you for knitting with 1 ply yarn!!

I think it's lovely that your daughter is following in her clever Mum's footsteps :)


p.s. that's a gorgeous view!!

Mary said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous shawl (particularly with the lake as background)!

Heidelweiss said...

I just love getting packages in the mail. What a lovely scarf. The shawl is beautiful! The view, once again, amazing-such a gorgeous place.


Sjalet som du har strikka er berre så fantastisk flott!


God helg forresten!!

Caroline said...

What a fun package to receive. The scarf from Kiki is so pretty, and I'll bet it feels good too. It looks so soft.

It must be nice to be able to see the ground again, even though your snow is beautiful

Anonymous said...

Så nydelig sjalet ditt vart!! Eg er litt flau over at eg ikkje har kommentert her på lenge, men eg følger med altså!!

Kjekt å få så flott pakke i posten. Nydelig blåfarge på det skjerfet, og mønsteret såg veldig spennande ut óg :)

Sonja said...

Congratulations on your daughter.

The shawl is great. I have been thinking about making it. I´m making another Icelandic shawl at the moment though.

Tracy said...

Such lovely treats--gifts in the mail are the sweetest! Your shawl is gorgeous, Marit! Glad the snow is disappearing...maybe spring will come to Norway yet--LOL! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

hilde said...

What a lovely scarf you got in the mail, looks real soft and warm.
And your shawl is so beautiful! I would love to have something like that for cold evenings hehe!
Have you got my email, I send it a week ago or so, but I'm not sure I got the right address? I still want to swap with you, just let me know what you want!

Kate said...

Så nydelig skjerf du har fått, og sjlet ditt ble fantasktisk flott. Bildene fra landskapet er jo så fine, vakre farger. Jeg vil ha sommer.

Lillefix said...

Heldiggrisen du, da, som får pakke og alt ting. Islandssjalet ble helt nydelig.
Håper du koser deg masse med lamminga og at alt går bra med både mødre og knøttene.
Ang. de hvite spelsauskinnene jeg venter på, så har det ingen hast for min del. Jeg har 8 utrolig fluffy pelssauskinn liggende som er på vei til å bli en fell. Men siden de som skal få den har tilgang på bloggen, så kan jeg ikke akkurat blogge om dem, så gjerne jeg enn ville. De hvite skinnene ligger på bestilling hos Granberg, og hvit spel er ganske greit å få tak i, så de kommer nok snart.
Hos min skinnfellærer kommer lammene om et par tre uker, og jeg lurer veldig på om ikke jeg må ta meg en tur til henne og snike litt i fjøset da...