Tuesday, September 11, 2007

showing off...

First of all I have to say THANK YOU for all your nice comments! It is so great to hear from you! I am not good in answering, but I try to go look at your blogs, and it amazes me what a great community blogland is. Always positive and encouraging and helpful. And you make beautiful pieces of art. I really enjoy seeing all those different things that people are making,and also how different the same pattern can look when made up in different yarns or colours. So thank you again!

The teacosy is done. Felted and decorated. It needed to go through the washingmachine twice on 60C do reach a reasonable size... It is funny to see how does bright colours fades or blends into a totally different shade when felted! I like knitting and felting, it is always fun to se how it works out(and doing it in the washingmachine involves a lot less mess than doing it with soap by hand...lol) I put a little bee on it. Tea with honey...mmmm. The bee and the flower are both needle felted. I think it was Sonja who first wrote about needlefelting by using the christmascookiecutouts, so that's how the flower is done. Fun really. DD2 has been making a few hearts that way, and some stars. And the poncho. Still not blocked-LOL-it it waaay to cold around here to take it off to block! I look a bit fake in that photo, it was taken with a selftimer, so I kept waiting for it to go off, and waited...and waited...and the smile got more and more stiff... But- I really like this poncho, and the colour of it, and I've been using it a lot already! Both daughters want one, so weve been off to buy yarn. The local yarn shop was closing down this weekend after only a year in business, it is difficult to run a yarnstore in the district, I guess. I've bought yarn from her ever since she opened, and I went to pick up more now. At a 60% discount... In one way it feels great getting the yarn so cheap, in another way it feels bad to go there picking up so much yarn at one time just because it is on sale. I wouldn't mind so much if it had been somewhere where I didn't know the owner.
There are citycounsil elections in Norway today, and the big question around here is: Who will be our mayor for the next 4 years??? We had a direct choice/election of mayor this year- each of the 6 parties in this community had it's own candidate for mayor. I am happy to say that our neighbour got chosen again, for the third time! She is both a neighbour and a really good friend. She is also the mother of 8, grandmother of 5, a wife and farmer. Every day she try to take a hike into the valley you see here. She is a very sweet person.
Autumn is here the leaves are getting the most glorious colours, and I wish I could paint! We've had some awful weather lately, but tonight the sun shone through the clouds, like a promise of better times ahead.
Have a great week!


Andrea said...

The tea cozy turned out great. I love the flower and the bee. Very cute accents. I also love your poncho. I always look forward to reading your blog. You have the best scenic pictures. I'd love to wake up to that every morning. =)

Mary said...

The little bee and flower are a cute touch. I have all the supplies for needle felting and still haven't done anything with them. Poncho looks great, I accidentally felted my favorite one in the wash. I have been noticing a little leaf color here, but mostly the trees are desperate for rain and an end to the heat.

Anne said...

Every time I see a terrific felted item, like your tea cozy, I am seized with a desire to do this too! One day I will tame my out-of-control to-do list and will get to try felting and learn how to spin .... That bee is just too cute.

Sandie Knapp said...

I see you have been busy. Love the tea cozy!! Adorable. The poncho is gorgeous! I love the color too. Just bought myself a cape in a similar color. And the stole is really different. I've never seen assembled in quite that way. And kittens are always just the cutest things. Hi Tiger.

Have a great day. ME :)