Monday, September 19, 2011

Back- with photos!

We figured out how to upload pictures to DD2's computer-LOL! The camera was pretty full, so here's a random selection of the summer...
As I said, there were three weddings this summer. But we were also invited to a baptismcelebration! Our eminent organplayer got married a couple of years ago, and earlier this spring they got a beautiful babydaughter. The gift from us was a babyblanket, lined with fleece. It is machineembroidery, and simple squares, ,and quilted along each square. Fun to make.
 We haven't had too many nice days, but this is the view about a month ago...

Here's Gann,the ship myDD1 is onboard. She likes it:-)

 Yesterday and Saturday was really beautiful here. We went to look for sheep on Saturday, and saw a few, but they ran off. Yesterday some of the hunters had seen them, and chased them up on the top from the valley they were in, so I hope they stay on the top_LOL! It's still early.
 We got the sheep back home from Selja last weekend, and I had forgotten my camera... This is how it looks close up...
Take care, and have a nice week:-)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Hi, there:-)

I'm having no access to the photos or anything, right now I'm on my daughter's laptop, which can't be used as a laptop anymore, because it needs to stand still in a certain position in order to work-LOL!

But we are fine, just a bit busy!

Summer has been long and wet and cold, we didn't get many straws of dry hay, but were able to make some roundbales, so I hope there is enough for winter.

I've been to three weddings- as a guest in two of them, and as a help in the third, and it was great fun, all three. Beautiful brides, nervous bridesgrooms, crying mothers, and fathers  with a big lump in their throats. Quite normal, I would say;-D

The kids and I spent a week in the south of Norway with my mom and sister, and came back in time for school. DD1 and I went down to Stavanger in the end of August and spent a few days with my sister there, before the daughter started school- the same as DS1- onboard skoleskipet Gann . I've spoken to her every day since she started, and she seems really happy about it! But it is awfully quiet at home...

Still knitting- socks mainly- and having fun sewing. I've got a lot of used jeans, and would love to make a couple of blankets out of it, perhaps  lined with fleece? I've made a top too, and cut some pants...

The sheep are still at Selja, but the weather forecast is pretty good, so I'll try to get them home tomorrow, I want them here during winter. Hunting season  also starts tomorrow, and DS1 got his hunter's license, so he'll probably go. We have a total of 4 deer on these four farms.

We're off to a footballgame- DD2 is playing, so we thought we'd be there cheering;-)

Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

...sewing and sheep...

Not complaining about the weather today:-), it's sunny!!! Mr. Black just jumped up on my shoulders, so I sit here screaming while he sharpens his claws-LOL! He is wrapping himself around my neck, trying out different positions...

I got a phonecall on Monday...the neighbour's daughter is getting married on Saturday. I had helped with a dress for one of the bridesmaids- the bride had  dresses sewn for her 5 nieces in Africa when she worked there this Spring, but a couple of them were completely wrong sizes:-( so she was very disappointed. With a bit of ribbon and some extra fabric, it did turn out okay, and she was happy.
But back to Monday... the bride's mom called.. the bride and her maid of honour (MoH) had been to every shop within 3 hours drive of here, and had still not found a dress for the MoH! They were sligtly starting to panick- the wedding less than a week away, and no dress! Could I possibly sew one?

Needless to say, I jumped at the challenge. Sewing is so much fun, but I've never sewn "proper" clothes for an adult. They found fabric and notions, and came here around midnight on Monday, found a pattern straight away (I'd spent a couple of hours together with my DD2 going through all my magazines, picking out suitable patterns.), so I traced it, and cut out the pieces late,late into the night. Did some sewing the next day,mainly nesting it together, but she didn't try it on until Thursday morning- and she loved it! Still had most of the sewing left to do though! She came back for a final fitting in the evening, and then we adjusted the lenght, and now she came to pick it up. They were both really happy about it, and I have to say I was rather relieved too! It looks stunning on her! I hope to get a proper photo of it tomorrow, she was in such a hurry today I forgot...

 The dress, with a bow in the back, and a long skirt.
...And a little purse to go with it...

Still very little gardening going on, but I picked my first strawberries of the season today! Mmmmm. We hired people to do the baling for us, it was done two weeks ago, but there is still some that should have been dried. So far we've had only two days in a row with sun...or without rain!
 In April, one of DD2's best friends got a baby sister, and we had to find her a gift. Baby blankets that can be thrown in the washer is always useful, so DD2 helped tracing the motifs onto white cotton, I sewed them with triple stitch (it's all machineembriodery!), and then we picked the fabrics for the squares. It all came from my stash, and most of it is actually second hand. Polyester batting, and cotton backing. Machinequilted first,
 ..but that looked too simple, so I handstitched around the squares. I've probably broken every quiltingrule there is, but it was fun!
 ...all sorts of animals...
...but no sheep on the blanket, they are at the island. These photos were taken the last day in May, when we went to check on them and count. There should be 19 lambs out there.
 Two of the mothers were running away from us...
Sooo, that's what's been going on for the last few days....lots of sewing and now it's baking. We've promised to help out at the wedding, so it will be a loooong day! Church at 12 noon, dinner at 4 pm, coffee, dancing, food again one leaves until well after midnight-LOL!

Have a lovely weekend!

Kortversjonen på norsk....jeg holder på med baking også til bryllupet imorgen, naboens datter skal gifte seg, og vi skal hjelpe til med serveringa...har sydd kjolen til forloveren, jeg fikk telefon på mandag om jeg kunne gjøre det, de kom med stoffet rundt midnatt, vi tok mål og plukka ut modellen (heldigvis en enkel en!)og så fikk jeg tegna mønster og klippet samme natta. Tirsdag var det tråkling, og så fikk vi besøk:-), torsdag ble det prøving, og masse sying, og ny prøving på kvelden...idag var det overlevering (og så sydde jeg ei lita veske i resten av stoffet...)- og kjolen passa flott! Skal prøve å få tatt noen bilder, med innhold!) imorgen. Kakene blir så som så, ser jeg...

Men det har vært mye sying i vår. Ei venninne til yngstedattera (snart 14) ble storesøster i april, og da måtte vi til med presang. Åshild tegnet og tenkte, jeg sydde motiver på bomullsstoff, og så fant vi litt her og litt der til firkantrutene. Det meste er gjenbruk, gamle sommerkjoler og sengetøy. Prøvde å kvilte med maskin, men endte opp med å sy for hånd rundt hver eneste rute! Har garantert ikke fulgt lappereglene, men moro var det lell!

Det var mye dyr på babyteppet, men vi har jo noen levende også. Svartekatta klatrer opp og slanger seg rundt halsen min, klørne er ikke heeelt gode! Vinterstid er det helt greit, for da har en jo tjukke gensere og gjerne kjeledress i tillegg, men nå var det bare en tynn bluse:-D
Og så har vi lam på Selja. Bildene derfra er tatt siste dagen i mai, den dagen det var fint vær! Vi har fått 19 lam der ute i år, og det er jeg fornøyd med. Skal bli moro å se hva som kommer hjem til høsten.

God helg!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello...anybody still out there...?

the sheep are done lambing, and this little beauty is grazing up in the mountains together with the rest of the flock!

socks for hubby- just simple cables and plain ribbing

hunter's mittens!

fun to knit and quite useful, I hope...

the sheep are back at Selja...
Sooo-finally back...Thank you so much for e-mails and comments:-)
Life's been busy...but the needles are being used every day, sewing, knitting, embroidering or crocheting. I went home in April to pick up the car that needed a new transmission (it broke down when we went home for dad's funeral), the boys and I went to my niece's confirmation in May, my mother-in-law and I went to Oslo a couple of days in May for her sister's 95th birthday, DD1 graduated from 10th grade, hubby is still in China, DS1 is still on a gastanker, DS2 is taking driving lessons, DD2 does well in school- only two more years! It is summer holiday, I'm varnishing all the floors in the house, so we've been living in the sea house for a few days, (and now it's clean!!!) It's been a long, cold Spring. We had high hopes today- the sun was out and we had nearly 18 deegrees Celsius! Now it's pouring down again...

Have a great week!

Endelig tilbake...tusen takk for e-poster og kommentarer!
Det har vært noen travle må pinner og nåler er stadig i bruk, enten det nå er strikking, hekling, broderi eller symaskinsøm!
Jeg va hjemme i april for å hente bilen med ny girkasse- den stoppet i romjula da vi var hjemme i pappas begravelse! Guttene og jeg var til Ryfylke i konfirmasjon i slutten av mai, svigermor og jeg var i Oslo i begynnelsen av mai, for da fylte søsteren hennes 95 år! Datter #1(men barn #3) ble ferdig med 10.klasse, fra høsten av er det skoleskipet Gann som gjelder:-)Gubben er fortsatt i Kina, eldsten er fortsatt lærling på en gasstanker, #2 håper på sertifikat til høsten, yngstejenta gjør det bra på skolen-bare to år igjen nå! Det er skoleferie, jeg lakker golv, og vi har bodd noen dager på sjøbuda (og nå er det reint der også!) Det har vært en lang og kald vår. Vi trodde sommeren kom idag, det var jo bortimot 18 grader her! Men nå regner det igjen...

Ha en flott uke!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Stadskipstunnel - animasjonsfilm av Nordwest3D

Hi! Just wanted to share a little movie about the tunnell that might be built here- it's a ship's tunnell, it's been planned for decades, but nothing has happened so far... It'll be built on our land...if you look closely, you will see the yellow seahouse!
Have fun:-)

Bare et lite innlegg i "kampen" om Stad Skipstunnel...hvis den kommer, så vil innslaget ligge borti sommerfjøsbeitet vårt. Følg med, så ser dere den gule sjøbuda vår!
Kos dere:-)

Friday, January 14, 2011

....slowly back to normal...

First of all-THANK YOU for all your kind words and warm condolences! I really appreciate it, and I know one of my sisters read my blog and was also touched by it. I'm still tired, but we are slowly getting back to normal around here. The kids are back in school, the sheep need feeding, hubby is in China, so "business as usual"!
Oh, and that poem my sister had found? The first part of it is part of  a song by Torolf Nordbø, he is singing another song here, which is also beautiful.

Først og fremst- TUSEN TAKK for alle hilsener og kondolanser, det varmet i en tung tid. Den ene søsteren min har også kommentert, hun satte også pris på det. Ja, den første delen av det diktet jeg leste, er skrevet av Torolf Nordbø, her i duett med Rita Eriksen. Jeg fant ikke akkurat "plassen står tome", men han har gitt den ut på CD nokså nylig. Bare så det er oppklart.

Vi begynner å komme tilbake til normalen, men jeg er fortsatt stuptrøtt. Ungene har begynt på skolen igjen, sauene må ha mat, og gubben er i Kina.

We've had a long winter here already, it's been rather cold and snowy. I bought iceskates for the kids earlier this fall, but we haven't been off skating yet- I'm actually not sure where there is safe ice! But the girls knew what to do...the place outside the house is covered in ice, so they went skating there! And yes, that is DD1 in shorts...

Vi har allerede hatt en lang vinter, med kulde og snø. Ungene fikk skøyter i høst, men jeg vet ikke om gode skøytevann de visste råd! Tunet har jo vært glasert, så de satte på seg skøytene og gikk rundt rundkjøringa! Og ja, 15-åringen går i shorts...

 We've had a few beautiful days too- so another of the usual view;-)
Vi har hatt mange flotte dager også...begynner dere å bli lei av utsikten?

 Yesterday DS1 took the motorsaw and started taking down trees for firewood next winter. This morning we had 6 deer eating off the branches! When DS2 came home at 3:30pm, 13 deer was there! This is only 100 meters from the house- only 30 meters from the road- but they obviously know that huntingseason is over! DD2 went to take some photos. Beautiful animals. They get so close now because we have all the sheep inside, and because it is harder to find enough food when the ground is so frozen and covered in snow.

Igår begynte eldsten på vinterveden. Og idag morges gikk det 6 hjorter og beitet på kvister og knopper! Da #2 kom hjem i halv4-tida, gikk det 13 dyr der! Dette er bare 100 meter ovenfor huset vårt, knapt 30 meter fra hovedveien, men de vet tydeligvis at jaktsesongen er over! #3 tok med seg kameraet sitt og tok noen bilder. Flotte dyr! De kommer vel ned nå fordi sauene går inne, og fordi marka er frosset og dekket av snø.
 But there has been knitting too...I went home to my mum's for a week in Nov/Dec, when dad was in hospital, and I took the bus both ways. 10 hours to Oslo, another 4 to Lillesand. One pair was knit on the way down, another while I was there- in between hospitalvisits- and the third pair was finished on the bus back home to the westcoast... The purple, blue and grey pair went to my nieces, the red to DD2. DD1 also got a pair, and I've finally made a pair for myself! Mum gave me this blue variegated yarn when we went home for the funeral, and there was enough to make a pair of fingerless mitts too. Pattern? Loksins! I've knitted it several times, but I have big feet, so they've been too small on me. I increased from 60 to 68 stitches, and they fit perfectly. The kids socks are smaller- purple only 54, the others 56 stitches I think. Fun pattern, and easy to memorize. I've done different heels on them- one with a heelflap, one with a shortrow heel, and the rest with a combination. I got a good start on mine when we were on our way home after the funeral...we drove down, but the car decided it had had enough, so it stopped! We got up to my sisters house, but then it wouldn't go any more...turns out the shift system is we took bus back...16-17 hours with tired teenagers on a full bus...oh joy!

Men jeg har da fått strikket litt også...Jeg var hjemme en uke i manedsskiftet november/desember, mens pappa lå på sykehuset, tok buss begge veier. 10 timer til Oslo, nye 4 til Lillesand...Et par ble strikket på vei ned, et par ble ferdig innimellom sykehusbesøk, og det siste paret ble ferdig på vei opp igjen. Det røde paret ble strikket her hjemme, det var det datteren som fikk, den andre fikk et par i grønt, og det lilla, grå og blå gikk til 3 nieser. Og endelig har jeg fått strikket et par til meg selv! Jeg fikk det blåmelerte garnet av mamma da vi var hjemme i begravelsen- hadde ikke fått med meg nok arbeid...- og da ble det nok til et par pulsvanter også. Mønsteret? _  Loksins! Jeg har strikket det flere ganger, og liker det veldig godt. Men de har alltid blitt for små for meg, så nå økte jeg fra 60 til 68 masker, og de passer perfekt:-)Sokkene til ungene var vel med 54 og 56 masker, hvis jeg ikke husker helt feil, i str. 35, 38 og 39.Jeg har brukt litt forskjellige hæltyper- vanlig hæl på de blå, en med avkorta rader på de lilla, og en kombinasjon på de siste tre parene. Paret til meg begynte jeg på hjemme før vi skulle reise opp kjørte ned til begravelsen, men så gav bilen opp...det viste seg at både girkassa og kardangen er røket. Vi kom heldigvis helt opp på tunet til søsteren min før den gavseg, men det endte med at vi måtte ta bus hjem igjen...16-17 timer med 4 trøtte tenåringer på en stappfull nattbuss...jippi...!

 And finally a pair of ugly mittens. These are for work, so they have to be ugly, otherwise they are "too nice to be used for that kind of work.":-)

Og tilslutt- et par stygge votter. Disse er beregna til jobbevotter, og da må de være stygge, ellers er de "for fine til å brukes til sånt!"
DD2 wants to play a game, so I'd better stop here. It's good to be back- I've missed blogging...

Have a nice weekend:-)

Minsta vil spille et spill- tror det blir Ligretto- så det er best å gi seg:-) Godt å være tilbake, jeg har savnet blogginga...

Ha en flott helg:-)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Siste hilsen/ The last farewell

Pappa er død. Lørdag 25. desember 2010 sovnet han stille inn, etter å ha tilbragt den siste måneden på intensivavdelingen på sykehuset i Kristiansand. Han ble 77 år gammel.

Pappa var bonde hele sitt liv- en stor mann, høy og sterk, og med digre never. Det var ikke mange som våget å yppe seg når han var i nærheten! Faren hans døde i tysk fangenskap under krigen, da var pappa 10 år gammel, fire år senere døde veslesøsteren av leukemi,og det satte spor. Han måtte tidlig ta ansvar hjemme, med både frukthage og bigård, men han og den andre søsteren hadde likevel en god oppvekst med sin mor. Pappa var skogsarbeider, han drev gården, han bygde utallige brygger og uteplasser og basseng til hyttefolk i bygda. Han var glad i å jakte, så hver høst var han vekk på jakt ei ukes tid og noen helger. Han var veldig glad i unger, og ungene var glade i ham. Det er ikke få kvelder nevøen hans sovnet i fanget på ham når vi hadde vært hos tante E.!Han giftet seg med mamma i 1962, og de fikk oss tre døtrene. Barnebarna kom forholdsvis sent, men da kom de som perler på en snor! 8 stykker ble det tilslutt, den yngste er 8, den eldste 18. Han hadde sans for unger som fant på ting...Han hadde stor sans for humor, var god til å fortelle historier, og husket mye. De siste årene har yngste søsteren min overtatt gården, men pappa hadde fortsatt styringa på mye- som nå da hun skulle legge kjettinger på traktoren...hvor har pappa lagt dem??? Han var med på skogen, og i slåtten, det var han som hadde ut kunstgjødsel i vår, og han som sa når slåtten skulle begynne...

Begravelsen var 30.12.10. Den ene søsteren min leste minneordet- varmt og personlig, og akkurat slik vi husker ham. Hun hadde også funnet og satt sammen to dikt som jeg leste i kirken, forfattere ukjent, men det passet så bra! Vi tre døtrene, og våre førstefødte, fikk bære ham til det siste hvilestedet.

Plassen står tom.

Krakken i fjøset står tom på golvet.
Trofaste hender har nå fått si lønn.
Hender som lytta til gråten i verden,
knyttet til arbeid, eller foldet i bønn.

Plassen er tom, ja plassen er tom.
Plassen til far står tom og trist.
Men opp av den plassen så stiger det minner,
og far fikk den beste plassen til sist.

Pusteromsbenken står tom i stua,
plassen til far,- han kvilte seg der.
Herfra kom humor og stillfaren visdom,
til oss og til andre som satte seg ned

Din latter var aldri langt unna, og smilet var som regel på plass,
selv om du opp igjennom årene hadde dratt på et tungt lass.
Du hadde humøret, og når du fikk besøk var du blid,
jeg kommer til å savne den vinkende handa di.

Jeg har bare gode minner med deg, kjære far
om den omsorgsfulle personen som du var.
Jeg aner ikke hvordan jeg kan fortsette på livets vei,
når du ikke lenger er her og kan veilede meg.

Plassen er tom, ja plassen er tom.
plassen til far står tom og trist.
Men opp av den plassen så stiger det minner,
og far fikk den beste plassen til sist.

Vi unner deg hvilen, men savner deg sårt.

My father died on Dec. 25th, 2010. He was 77 years old. He spent the last month in the intensive care unit at the nearest hospital. A long life has come to an end.
Dad was a farmer all his life. He had to start early- his father died during WWII, his mother was left with my 10 yearold dad and his 7yearold sister. The youngest daughter was born later that year, but died only four years later of leukemia. Despite all this, they had a good life. They had an apple orchard, and bees. Dad helped out, and later he ran the farm with good help from his mother. He and mom got married in 1962, and had us three daughters. They also got 8 grandchildren, between 18 and 8. He loved kids, and they loved him. He preferred the mischivious ones...;-)
Dad loved hunting, and went off hunting almost every weekend when we grew up. He had a great sense of humour, and was always telling stories or teasing.
My youngest sister owns the farm now, but she and dad was working together, and he still had a lot to say...he decided when to start harvesting, he decided when and where they would plough the land, where to plant new trees, or where to chop down the trees.
The funeral was held in the old church at home, on Dec. 30, 2010. My sister read the memorial, and had also found two poems that I read- and they suit dad so well! My sisters and I, and our oldest children, carried him out of church and to his last resting place.
The place is empty.
The barn stool stands empty.
Faithfull hands have gotten their pay.
Hands that heard the worlds' cry
knotted to work, or folded in prayer.
The chair is empty, yes the chair is empty.
The chair stands empty and sad.
But from that chair comes memories
and dad got the best place at last.
The resting place in the house is empty,
Dad's sofa, he rested there.
From here came humour and quiet witt
to us and others that were nearby.
Your laughter was never far away, a smile was usually there.
Even though you through the years had pulled a heavy load.
You had humour and enjoyed having visitors.
I will miss seeing your waving hand.
I have only good memories of you, dear dad.
Of the loving person you were.
I don't know how I can cope on the road of life
when you no longer are here to lead me.

The chair is empty, yes the chair is empty.
The chair stands empty and sad.
But from that chair comes memories
and dad got the best place at last.
Rest in peace...